Zul’Aman Starter Guide

Zul'Aman Starter Guide

Zul’Aman is a 10-man raid located in Ghostlands. Like Zul’Gurub, the 10-man raid from WoW Classic, it was designed as a catch-up raid for new players and alts. But many raid mans will still find upgrades inside. Not to mention the much-desired Amani War Bear.

Zul’Aman opens in TBC Classic on March 24, 2022, at 3:00 PM PDT.

ZulAman Starter Guide

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Zul’Aman Has A Three Day Reset

Blizzard has confirmed Zul’Aman will be on a 3-day reset timer. With Mount Hyjal and Black Temple still being run most guilds will likely only dedicate one or two off days to forming ZA groups. Anyone wanting to hit ZA after every reset will need to have a more flexible schedule. Expect both pugs and spontaneous “hey let’s run ZA” in your guild Discord.

Zul’Aman Basics

Zul’Aman is essentially a shorter, but harder Karazhan raid. Getting in and starting is easy. It was originally designed with players on a tight schedule in mind.

Getting To Zul’Aman

There is a flight point just outside of Zul’Aman, but you can’t learn it until Phase 4 arrives. So unless you manage to get a summons for the first raid you’ll need to take a long ride out there.

Alliance – First Time

  1. From Shattrath, port to Ironforge.
  2. Fly out to Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.
  3. Mount up and ride northwest until you hit a road heading due north, then follow it out of Eastern Plaguelands and into Ghostlands.
  4. Turn right onto the first major road and follow it straight to Zul’Aman.

Horde – First Time

  1. From Shattrath, port to Silvermoon City.
  2. Fly out to Tranquillien in Ghostlands.
  3. Mount up and ride south, and then east following the roads. Or head southeast cross country.
Map to Zul'Aman through Eastern Plaguelands

Map to Zul’Aman through Eastern Plaguelands

Map to Zul'Aman through Ghostlands

Map to Zul’Aman through Ghostlands

Once you have the flight point you can port to Ironforge/Silvermoon and fly out to Ghostlands.

Bonus Loot & Amani War Bear

Whenever you enter a fresh instance of Zul’Aman a sacrifice timer will begin. Each of the first four bosses has a hostage they will kill at the end of the timer. The more hostages you save the more extra loot you receive after defeating the final boss. You can ignore the timer and forgo the extra loot. Or you can rescue all four hostages before time is up and receive both the bonus loot and an Amani War Bear mount.

Zul’Aman Amani War Bear

Amani War Bear

General Strategy

You’ll start with a 20-minute timer when you start ZA. When you kill the first boss 10 minutes is added. When you kill the second boss another 15 minutes is added. The key is to make a smooth run from boss to boss.

  • The recommended boss order is Akilzon -> Nalorakk -> Jan’alar -> Halazzi
  • A protection paladin is best for gathering up and AoEing down chunks of trash mobs
  • Plenty of trash packs can be skipped, but the raid needs to pay attention and follow the designated leader

From the PTR, regular raiders report little to no problems beating the timer and saving all four hostages (for maximum loot and the new mount). Keep in mind most of these individuals are in full Tier 5/Tier 6 gear (you can literally buy Phase 3 BiS from vendors on the PTR). A group in pre-raid blues will have a slower experience.

As always, raiders should review individual boss guides ahead of time. This will cut down on time spent explaining each fight.

Bonus Loot

For each hostage saved you get a different loot chest. Each has its own loot table.

1 Alive – Armor

Cloak of FiendsBackPhysical DPS
Mantle of Ill IntentCloth ShoulderCaster DPS
Cord of Braided Troll HairCloth WaistHealer
Life-step BeltLeather WaistHealer
Elunite Imbued LeggingsLeather LegsCaster DPS
Shadowhunter's TreadsMail FeetPhysical DPS
Pauldrons of Stone Resolve

Plate ShoulderTank

2 Alive – Weapons

Item ...................................TypeSpec
Amani Divining Staff StaffCaster DPS
Staff of Dark MendingStaffHealer
Umbral ShivDaggerPhysical DPS
RageFist Weapon (MH)Physical DPS
TrollbaneTwo-hand AxePhysical DPS
TuskbreakerGunPhysical DPS

3 Alive – Rings

Item .................................TypeSpec
Mana Attuned BandFinger (Unique)Caster DPS
Signet of Primal WrathFinger (Unique)Physical DPS
Signet of the Quiet ForestFinger (Unique)Healer
Signet of the Last DefenderFinger (Unique)Tank
Signet of Eternal LifeFinger (Unique)PvP

4 Alive – Mount

Item .............................Type
Amani War BearGround Mount (very fast)

Note you only get one mount for the raid group. But if you run with the same 10-man group and run every lockout then everyone can have the mount after 30 days.

Amani Hex Stick

The trash in Zul’Aman can drop Amani Hex Sticks. These are used on the frogs inside, turning them back into humanoids. Some will just thank you, but others will offer you a gift or act as a vendor.

Gifts are left as small boxes or money bags on the ground. It helps to have ground clutter set low if you can’t see them. When looted it acts like group loot. Money is shared among the raid group. Green items come up for a roll under default group loot rules. Once the frogs are used up they are gone until the next reset.

The most prized gift is a new non-combat pet, Mojo. Should you see Mojo be sure to blow him a kiss.