TBC Classic Phase 4 Launch Guide

TBC Classic Phase 4

Phase 4 of TBC Classic has been announced to release starting March 22, 2022. The upcoming changes and new content will rollover over two different days that week. This TBC Classic Phase 4 launch guide goes over what players will want to know before the new content arrives.

TBC Classic Phase 4

Tuesday, March 22 – TBC Classic Phase 4 Release

Here’s a list of what elements of Phase 4 we’re expecting to be available immediately after maintenance and Phase 4 is activated.

TBC Classic Badge of Justice Phase 4

G’eras, Badge of Justice vendor in the center of Shattrath

  • Outland dungeons (including heroic) nerfed, in their final and easiest state of the game
  • Heroic dungeons will only require Honored reputation (was Revered) for access
  • Badges of Justice will now drop from many raid bosses:
    • Karazhan = 22
    • Gruul’s Lair = 5
    • Magtheridon’s Lair = 3
    • Serpentshrine Cavern = 12
    • Tempest Keep = 8
    • Zul’Aman = 13 (keep in mind this raid is on a 3-day reset)
  • Teleport from Shattrath to Caverns of Time
    • Speak with Zephyr, a new NPC in the World’s End Tavern in Lower City
    • Must be Revered with the Keepers of Time for access
  • Epic gems can be found in Magtheridon’s gem bag and Jewelcrafter’s daily Brilliant Glass cooldown
    • Only gem bags and Brilliant Glass created after Phase 4 release may contain epic gems
    • Expect prices of epic gems to go down at least a bit after the first week
  • Primal Nether and Nether Vortex will no longer be soulbound
    • Both newly looted and ones already in your bags are changed
    • Expect prices to regular go down over time
  • Nether Vortex can be purchased for 15 Badges of Justice
    • From G’eras, the current BoJ vendor in the center of Shattrath
    • Unless you need gold now this is not the best way to turn BOj into gold, wait until Phase 5 for that
The World's End Tavern in Lower City, Shattrath

The World’s End Tavern in Lower City, Shattrath

Zephyr will teleport you to Caverns of Time with the proper rep

Zephyr will teleport you to Caverns of Time with the proper rep

Official TBC Classic 2.5.4 Patch Notes

Thursday, March 24 – TBC Classic Phase 4 New Content Release

The remainder of Phase 4 new content and changes will start at 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EDT on Thursday or the release week.

Zul'Aman Amani War Bear

Amani War Bear

  • Zul’Aman opens
  • New Badge of Justice gear will be sold by G’eras in the middle of Shattrath
  • Loot from the two Outland world bosses becomes Bind on Equip
    • If interested in a piece look for it on the auction house for a high price
  • Leatherworkers can visit their training and faction vendors for new recipes:
    • Greater versions of all drums significant increase in their effective range
    • New quiver and ammo bag recipes
  • Mount Hyjal and Black Temple no longer require attunement to enter

What To Do Before Phase 4

Blizzard only gave us a week’s notice on the launch date when all Phase 4 content would be available. So there is little time left to do any big preparation.

Go through the new BoJ gear and ZA loot to see what upgrades are available

TBC Classic Phase 4 Badge of Justice Gear

Zul’Aman Bosses: Eagle | Bear | Dragonhawk | Lynx | Hex Lord | Zul’jin

Zul’Aman Timed Event Chest

  • Unless you are in full Tier 6 BiS right now then there are likely upgrades available for you
  • Some new BoJ and ZA pieces are equal to or close to Tier 6 BiS and may be easier to obtain
  • It is also a good opportunity to gear up any off specs and/or raid ready alts
Brush up on Zul’Aman boss guides, especially if you want to go for the bear mount on your first run

Zul’Aman All Bosses + Trash & Mount Route – 30 Second Guides (video) by Farts Gaming

Zul’Aman Raid Guide (video) by Crix

Zul’Aman Pace Notes (text) by Askalon-Pagle <Our Legacy>

  • ZA bosses are not an easy steamroll for geared raiders if you don’t know the boss mechanics
  • Timer starts after you bang the gong and open the door, making going over boss fights before the pull a waste of precious time
  • Don’t stress over early wipes and missing the timer, ZA resets every 3-days and there’s lots of time before the end of TBC Classic to get a bear mount
Leatherworkers should have mats ready to make Great Drums of Battle

Heavy Knothide Leather x6

Thick Clefthoof Leather x4

  • You should immediately vendor your regular drums and start using Greater
  • Greater drums will be a big DPS boost for raid groups who don’t always collapse for drums buff
Don’t stress over running as many heroics as possible before Thursday

If you have little to no BoJ saved up it is too late to get enough for all the gear you may want on the first day. Instead make time to run raids after Phase 4 drops, especially Karazhan and 2-3 ZA runs per week. Those two raids will give you more BoJ per hour than any other option, much more than heroic dungeons give you before Phase 4.