Shadow Resistance for Mother Shahraz

Shadow Resistance for Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz is the seventh boss in Black Temple and the only TBC Classic encounter where raid-wide resistance gear is recommended. She has several abilities which affect random members of the raid. All of which inflict shadow damage. Resistance gear significantly reduces this damage, making the fight more manageable for healers and keeping more DPS alive. This guide will go over the options available to reach the shadow resistance cap for the Mother Shahraz encounter.

Shadow Resistance for Mother Shahraz

Do I Need Shadow Resistance? | How Much SR Do I Need? | Heart of Darkness Bottleneck

Best Shadow Resistance Set | Alternative Shadow Resistance Gear

Shadow Resistance Gear Recipes | Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection

Do I Need Shadow Resistance for Mother Shahraz?

For most players: Yes. Exceptions can be made for the main tank and guilds with very fast kill times or very strong AoE healing.

Some guilds will be able to use less or even no resistance gear. But those are the same guilds that have very fast boss kill times and more experience on private servers than the average player. Individual guilds will be more certain about their needs once a public beta of TBC Classic Phase 3 is available.

Mother Shahraz’s shadow damaging abilities are inflicted on random members of the raid, from 3-10 players at a time. Without resistance gear, a lot of raid-wide healing will be required. Losing DPS will make the fight run longer, increasing the odds of more and more players dying and resulting in a wipe.

If there is any question about your raid team’s kill time or healing capability you should consider making an early investment toward shadow resistance gear. Done early and over time the cost isn’t too bad. It could be the difference with scoring an early Illidan kill.

The tank should be in normal mitigation gear. Mother Shahraz also has a physical frontal cleave and hits hard.

You can make use of some resistance gear in other encounters. Some shadow resistance spread over the raid can also be helpful in Mount Hyjal with several bosses. A warlock at shadow resistance cap is usually used for Illidan Stormrage.

How Much Shadow Resistance Do I Need for Mother Shahraz?

295 Shadow Resistance from gear.

Your goal is to reach the resistance cap, which is 365 shadow resistance total. Assuming your raid has a priest with Prayer of Shadow Protection II (book-learned, buy it ASAP before Phase 3) you need 295 shadow resistance from gear.

The main tank uses little to no shadow resistance gear, as they will also be taking significant physical damage.

Heart of Darkness Bottleneck

Most guilds won’t collect enough Heart of Darkness their first week in Black Temple to completely outfit the raid.

Black Temple content provides a means for getting all the shadow resistance gear you need, mostly through crafting. A vendor sells tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing recipes for shadow resistance armor. But those recipes all require Heart of Darkness, an item found only in Black Temple. Much like Frozen Runes from Naxxramas, your guild will need to collect and distribute them to the raid team.

Guilds chewing through Black Temple content in their first week or two likely won’t get enough hearts to outfit the entire raid. You’ll need 216 hearts to outfit everyone in your raid (minus one tank) with all available crafted shadow resistance gear. Most guilds will be using their own supply, limiting how many make it to the auction house, which in turn will raise their price. Heart of Darkness is also used for other recipes out of Black Temple for regular epics, prolonging their value to raiding guilds.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

This will cause a bottleneck for shadow resistance gear and possibly progression for many guilds, at least for the first few weeks. Eventually, guilds will either farm up enough running the first six bosses. While other guilds will have too many hearts and the price will come crashing down.

If you’re aiming for a full clear of Black Temple early on you’ll need to work around this bottleneck. The best single thing you can do is to have raiders purchase a shadow resistance head item. That with a couple of enchants saves you from needing to craft the shadow resistance pants right away, saving you 72 hearts across the raid.

Best Shadow Resistance Set for Mother Shahraz

A quest reward and five crafted pieces will let you hit the resistance cap while maximizing your performance.

Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz

Everyone in your raid has the same basic ideal shadow resistance set: using crafted gear and quest rewards Blizzard provided specifically for Black Temple. This set allows for as much regular gear, enchants, and consumables as possible. But keep in mind the Heart of Darkness bottleneck may prevent you from having the ideal set in the initial weeks of Phase 3.

Quest Rewards

Medallion of Karabor = 40 SR

  • Quest reward neck received while gaining Black Temple attunement
  • The quest isn’t available until Phase 3, DO NOT VENDOR
  • Later upgraded to Blessed Medallion of Karabor with the same shadow resistance by killing Illidan

Crafted Gear

Craft shadow resistance gear in this order: cloak -> wrist -> waist -> feet -> legs

That order makes the best use of early, but limited Heart of Darkness supplies. The legs alone increase the number of hearts you need by 33%. Worth skipping (temporarily) for other options listed below.

Total Shadow Resistance = 370

All pieces combined give you 300 shadow resistance. Add Prayer of Shadow Protection II (70 SR) from your priests and you’ll be 5 over the cap.

All shadow resistance items can use your BiS enchants. All other slots can have your regular raid gear. And you can use your usual raid consumables. Optimal performance while hitting shadow resistance cap.

Required Materials

All raiders planning to go into Black Temple should start collecting mats for their shadow resistance set ASAP. Prices and competition will only increase as we get closer to Phase 3.

Armor SetSpecial ItemBolt of Imbued NetherweavePrimal LifePrimal ShadowVoid CrystalHeart of Darkness
Cloth SetN/A6131859
Cloth Set w/o PantsN/A491246
Leather SetFel Hide x111131859
Leather Set w/o PantsFel Hide x8191246
Mail SetFel Scales x111131859
Mail Set w/o PantsFel Scales x8191246
Plate SetAdamantite Bar x281131859
Plate Set w/o PantsAdamantite Bar x16191246

All sets use mostly the same kind and amount of materials. Each armor type only has one unique item (cloth use extra Bolt of Imbued Netherweave). Hold on to the mats, for now. You will not be able to craft any of the gear until you’re done at least a partial run of Black Temple.

If you are gathering your materials over time focus on the w/o pants numbers first. Your shadow resistance leggings will be the last item crafted, so make that a secondary goal.

Best Ways To Collect Your Mats

Fel Hide – Leather Armor

Fel Scales – Mail Armor

  • Very cheap on most auction houses, just buy (even if a skinner)

Adamantite Bar – Plate Armor

  • Price check the bars vs the ore (2 ore = 1 bar), provided a guild miner is willing to smelt for you
  • Adamantite prices might drop significantly closer to Phase 3; new epic gems will be replacing rare gems, making Adamantite Ore less valuable

Bolt of Imbued Netherweave

  • Neatherweave Cloth x18
  • Arcane Dust x2
  • Farm humanoids for the cloth and ask a guild disenchanter to break down any green items you get for dust
  • It is usually cheaper to buy the raw mats and then ask a guild tailor to create the bolts for you

Primal Life

  • Farm any creature in Zangarmarsh for Mote of Life (10 motes = 1 primal)
  • The Dead Mire (NE) and the area south of Zabra’jin will have a high density of giants with the best drop rates, but may also be heavily farmed
  • If buying price out both Primal Life and Mote of Life x10 for the best deal
  • It is not worth transmuting, you’ll get better results with selling the item from a more profitable transmutation and buying what you need

Primal Shadow

  • Farm voids southwest from the Dark Portal and west of Expedition Armory
  • Can also farm voids around Oshu’Gun in Nagrand
  • If buying price out both Primal Shadow and Mote of Shadow x10 for the best deal
  • It is not worth transmuting, you’ll get better results with selling the item from a more profitable transmutation and buying what you need

Void Crystal

  • Created by disenchanting Outland epics
  • Check with your guild leaders to see if some are available from unwanted raid loot
  • Inexpensive on most servers to buy

Heart of Darkness

  • Will be collected by your raid inside Black Temple, don’t worry about them until Phase 3 arrives
  • They are also used for some non-resistance epic crafting, so expect your guild to control your supply for a while

Alternative Shadow Resistance Gear for Mother Shahraz

Options to increase your shadow resistance when short on Heart of Darkness.

The shadow resistance set above is optimal for the Mother Shahraz encounter for all classes and specs. But as noted you will experience a shortage of Heart of Darkness during your initial runs at the start of Phase 3. So have some alternative options ready.

Pants Not Required

The crafted shadow resistance leggings should be the last piece you make for your raid team. They cost the most Heart of Darkness (72 for everyone in the raid minus the tank, not to mention anyone on the bench) and provide the least value when your heart supply is limited. Everyone can still reach the shadow resistance cap without their pants.

Shadow Resistance Head Item

The next best thing to having your shadow resistance pants is a green head item of level 65+ with shadow resistance (named “of Shadow Protection”).

To make up for the shadow resistance on the pants you’ll combine:

Together that nets you 67-72 shadow resistance, with 67 total being just enough to hit the cap.

If you can only find a Random Green of Shadow Protection head item offering 24-31 shadow resistance you can add a Shadow Armor Kit to your crafted shadow resistance footwear instead of your normal boot enchant. That’s still better than wearing two random green items with shadow resistance.

You do want your shadow resistance leggings at some point. Re-gaining the meta gem and enchant on your regular head item makes it worthwhile, just not needed immediately.

Two Other Shadow Protection Items

If you can’t find any “of Shadow Protection” helms you can use most any two 61+ “of Shadow Protection” green items to reach the shadow resistance cap.

When looking at other shadow resistance gear keep these things in mind:

  • Must be for a slot other than neck, back, wrist, waist, or feet
  • Combined shadow resistance should be 67 or more

If your two pieces get you close to the cap, but not quite there check out some of the enchantment options below.

Pendant of Shadow’s End

If you want to ease the burden on your healers further then consider having a few Pendant of Shadow’s End among your raid team.

Each pendant can offer extra 900-2700 shadow damage absorption to each member of a party, so you would need five (1 per party) to cover the entire raid. The wearer needs to keep it on for as long as the buff is active. The extra protection is only half what a Major Shadow Protection Potion offers, but would still reduce healer stress a bit. Note the necklace’s buff has a 1-hour cooldown. To use it after a wipe you’ll need other people in each party with the necklace.

You do lose 10 SR wearing this over Medallion of Karabor. If you enchanted your shadow resistance cloak with Enchant Cloak – Greater Shadow Resistance then just keep that to make up the difference. If you don’t want to give up your BiS cloak enchant then apply a Shadow Armor Kit to your crafted shadow resistance footwear.

Shadow Resistance Enchants

Several item slots can be enchanted to add a bit of shadow resistance. None of these are needed if you have the full crafted set. But if using several “of Shadow Protection” pieces then these may help you reach the shadow resistance cap.

Remember your goal is 295 shadow resistance before buffs. More resistance does nothing for you, so pick the combination that takes away the least amount of DPS or healing stats.

Shadow Resistance Gear Recipes

Recipes for the shadow resistance gear you’ll want for Mother Shahraz are all tied to the Ashtongue Deathsworn faction. You’ll start gaining rep with them by working on the Black Temple attunement quests. Once you complete that quest series (after Phase 3 releases, as you need to go into Mount Hyjal) you’ll be Friendly. Further rep gains are made by running Black Temple.

Each profession can get half of their shadow resistance recipes at Friendly and the other half at Honored.

Recipe Vendor



All recipes are sold by Okuno, who is inside the Black Temple near Shade of Akama and alongside a reagent vendor and quest giver. On your first run through you’ll work your way to him. If your raid has killed Supremus (second boss) then the Spirit of Okuno, located at the start of the instance before the first pull, will teleport you to Okuno.

Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection

Get your guild alchemists to learn this recipe and start stockpiling mats.

In addition to gearing up, your guild should also stock up on Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection and deploy them at Mother Shahraz. Each raider will receive a Major Shadow Protection Potion, which absorbs 2800 to 4000 shadow damage. Players can bring their own potions, but the cauldron is much more economical for the group.

Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection

Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection

Stock Up On Mats As a Guild

Each cauldron uses:

  • Primal Shadow x2
  • Mana Thistle x7
  • Fel Iron Ore x6

You’ll want one for each pull, especially while learning the fight. So stock up enough materials in advance to get you through a lot of attempts in your first few weeks. Once Mother Shahraz is on farm status you’ll only need one cauldron a week at most.

Cauldrons are available in-game now. Alchemists can farm up Recipe: Major Shadow Protection Potion from Shadow Council Warlocks in Shadowmoon Valley (grouped up together in Legion Hold). Note the recipe is BoP, so each alchemist needs to farm up their own copy. Once learned craft Major Shadow Protection Potions until you discover the cauldron recipe.