Shattered Sun Offensive

Shattered Sun Offensive

The Shattered Sun Offensive (SSO) is both a new faction and event arriving in TBC Classic Phase 5. The SSO is an army of the Aldor and Scryers put together by the naaru to stop Kael’thas Sunstrider’s attempt to summon Kil’jaeden using the Sunwell. Most of the SSO’s activities center around the new zone, Isle of Quel’Danas. Through the SSO, players will help unlock new daily quests, vendors, and a zone-wide buff. This Shattered Sun Offensive guide will go over the phases and rewards you’ll experience during the initial weeks of Phase 5’s release.

Shattered Sun Offensive

Table of Contents

Phases | Earning Rep | Rep Rewards

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Getting to the Isle of Quel’Danas

Everything with the Shattered Sun Offensive begins on the Isle of Quel’Danas, a new zone located at the very northern end of Eastern Kingdoms. You may remember there being a portal between Shattrath and the Isle of Quel’Danas, and there will be one eventually. But at the start of Phase 5, there will be no portal. You also can’t ride/run/swim there from other zones due to an invisible barrier.

  1. From Shattrath take a portal to Ironforge/Silvermoon City.
  2. Go to the local flight master and you’ll find you have the flight path to the Isle of Quel’Danas.
  3. While in flight a new load screen will come up and you’ll appear just south of the isle. For Ironforge this happens as soon as you leave the city, greatly reducing the flight time.
  4. You’ll land at the SSO’s initial staging area, with the first quest givers straight ahead.
Map of important locations on the Isle of Quel'Danas

Map of important locations on the Isle of Quel’Danas

Shattered Sun Offensive Phases

Progression with the Shattered Sun Offensive is twofold. There is the usual reputation each individual character must earn to unlock some quests and, more importantly, rewards. But with the SSO there is also a server-wide progression for the event, based on time and the number of specific daily quests which have been completed.

Progress text for Shattered Sun Offensive's current goal

You can speak to daily quest givers to get a percentage report on the progress toward the current objective.

The event will unfold in four major phases, each one unlocking new quests and vendors for players. Large servers should expect this to happen quickly, with each phase lasting perhaps only a few days. When a new phase begins the old daily quests are replaced with identical quests with different names, so you may continue to do them for rep and gold rewards.

Phase 1 – Sanctum

Sun's Reach Sanctum, the Shattered Sun Offensive's first objective

Sun’s Reach Sanctum, the Shattered Sun Offensive’s first objective

The SSO’s first goal is to take the Sun’s Reach Sanctum. Before this is completed there will be few friendly NPCs on the Isle of Quel’Danas.

Daily Quests:

Upon Completion:

  • Sun’s Reach Sanctum taken, filled with friendly NPCs
  • Tradesman Portanuus, Trade Supplies vendor

Phase 2a – Armory

Sun's Reach Armory

Sun’s Reach Armory

The next goal is to take the Sun’s Reach Armory. There is also a secondary objective that is not directly tied to the status of the armory.

Daily Quests:

Upon Completion:

  • Tyrael Flamekissed, General Goods vendor
  • Kayri, sells Veteran’s PvP gear for BoJ & Vindicator’s PvP gear for Tier 6 tokens
  • Karynna, sells Season 1 armor for Tier 4 tokens
  • Olus, sells Season 2 armor for Tier 5 tokens
  • Soryn, sells Season 3 armor for Tier 6 tokens
  • Smith Hauthaa, Badge of Justice (PvE) vendor and repairs (will not be selling yet)

Phase 2b – Sunwell Portal

When Phase 2 and the taking of the armory begins you will also be directed back to Shattrath to help open a portal between there and the Isle of Quel’Danas. This goal may be completed before or after Phase 2a is completed, as it is on its own quest completion count.

Daily Quest:

Upon Completion:

  • One-way portal from Shattrath to the Isle of Quel’Dunas will be created and usable by all
  • A new daily quest Know Your Ley Lines will appear on the isle, it will award you a one-time use scroll to teleport back to Shattrath

Phase 3a – Harbor

Sun's Reach Harbor, the Shattered Sun Offensive's final take over

Sun’s Reach Harbor, the Shattered Sun Offensive’s final take over

The Sun’s Reach Harbor is the final location to be taken by the SSO. As in the last phase, there is a secondary objective not directly tied to the progress of the harbor.

Daily Quests:

Upon Completion:

Note that all Badge of Justice vendors are now spawned, but only the PvP vendor is active at this time. The other vendors will become active when Phase 3b and 4a are completed.

Phase 3b – Anvil & Forge

Smith Hauthaa, TBC Classic Phase 5 Badge of Justice PvE gear vendor

Smith Hauthaa, TBC Classic Phase 5 Badge of Justice PvE gear vendor

When Phase 3 and the retaking of the harbor begins you will also be tasked with helping to build the anvil and forge back in the armory. This goal may be completed before or after Phase 3a is completed, as it is on its own quest completion count.

Daily Quest:

  • Making Ready | Don’t Stop Now

Upon Completion:

Phase 4a – Alchemy Lab

Shaani, TBC Classic Phase 5 Badge of Justice epic gems vendor

Shaani, TBC Classic Phase 5 Badge of Justice epic gems vendor

Phase 4 has two separate objectives which begin at the same time but complete separately. However, both must be completed before the event is done and the final reward is given.

An alchemy lab must be built at the harbor.

Daily Quests:

Upon Completion:

  • Alchemy lab for creating flasks available
  • Mar’nah and Shaani will begin selling their goods
  • Kaalif, Reagent Vendor

Phase 4b – Monument to the Fallen

Monument to the Fallen, one of the Shattered Sun Offensive's last objectives

Monument to the Fallen, one of the Shattered Sun Offensive’s last objectives

Players are asked to help fund a monument to the fallen.

Daily Quest:

  • A Charitable Donation | Your Continued Support (pay 10 gold, rewards 150 rep)

Special Quest:

  • A Magnanimous Benefactor – A one-time quest available to players who are Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive. You pay 1,000 gold and are awarded 500 rep and the title <of the Shattered Sun>

Upon Completion:

  • Nothing, but is required to spawn K’iru

Shattered Sun Offensive Completed



Once all objectives have been completed the naaru K’iru will spawn on the Isle of Quel’Danas. This will provide players on the isle, in Magisters’ Terrace, and the Sunwell Plateau will a zone-wide buff.

K’iru’s Song of Victory – Increases stamina by 79 and Intellect by 40

  • This does not stack with priests’ Power Word Fortitude nor mages’ Arcane Intellect. But those classes will not need to buff their raid groups while in Sunwell Plateau.

Shattered Sun Offensive Daily Quest Macro

This macro will give you a one-click button to use all quest items associated with SSO daily quests.

/use [mounted] Arcane Charges
/stopmacro [mounted]

/use Mana Remnants
/use Shattered Sun Banner
/use Attuned Crystal Cores
/use Astromancer’s Crystal
/use Fel Siphon
/use Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles

Shattered Sun Supplies

Four Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests award Shattered Sun Supplies. This bag contains a random uncommon armor or weapon. It also has a chance to give you a Badge of Justice.

All four quests are in Outland, not the Isle of Quel’Danas. Blast the Gateway and Sunfury Attack Plans have no effect on the SSO effort or goals.

Blast the Gateway is an especially annoying quest. You summon a fire pet and feed it by killing nearby fire elementals. You’ll need to do this 8 times before it is ready to use on the gateway.

  • You don’t need to kill the fire elemental, or even tag it. Be near one when it dies and you’ll get credit. A good thing with the limited number of targets and the area being overrun with farmers.
  • If you kill one at max range you will not get credit, you need to be closer.
  • If you ride your flying mount and leave the ground at all (which can happen just by hitting a crack wrong) your pet will despawn and you must start over. Only use a ground mount, or just run.
  • The fire pet did not change names like it should on the PTR, and likely won’t be fixed. Keep count on how many kills you’ve made. The fire pet will despawn after some time once it has reached max strength.

Earning Rep

There are two primary ways of earning reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive: Magisters’ Terrace and daily quests. There are no rep gains from Sunwell Plateau.

Run Magisters’ Terrace

Both the normal and heroic versions of the new 5-man dungeon will provide you with SSO rep.

  • Normal Full Clear = ~1640 rep up to Revered, then ~1230 rep from Revered to Exalted
  • Heroic Full Clear = ~2500 rep up to Exalted

The heroic version can only be run once a day, so if you plan on dungeon spamming for rep it will be in the normal version. Dungeon spamming with a dedicated group will be the fastest way to earn SSO rep.

Daily Quests

The new daily quests associated with the SSO event (and the permanent daily quests that replace them once each phase is completed) are the second fastest way to earn SSO rep. Doing all available daily quests (not possible until Phase 4 is underway or completed) it’ll take you ~10 days to reach Exalted from daily quests alone.

Shattered Sun Offensive Rep Rewards

The Shattered Sun Offensive’s quartermaster, Eldara Dawnrunner, is available in the Shattered Sun Staging Area on the Isle of Quel’Danas at the very beginning of the SSO event. You’ll be able to buy from her during any stage of the event, provided your personal reputation is high enough.

Eldara Dawnrunner location

Eldara Dawnrunner location


Each necklace offers various stats plus the chance to proc a special ability, depending on whether you are aligned with the Aldor or the Scryers. Note you must be Exalted with your faction for the proc to function.

Shattered Sun Pendant of AcumenCaster DPS25 goldExalted
Shattered Sun Pendant of RestorationHealer25 goldExalted
Shattered Sun Pendant of MightPhysical DPS25 goldExalted
Shattered Sun Pendant of ResolvePhysical DPS
25 goldExalted

Aldor procs Light’s Wrath, a buff that increases your spell damage and healing up to 120 for 10 seconds.

Scyers procs an Arcane Bolt which does 333-367 base damage, but is able to crit and is affected by your spell hit and spell crit (but not spell damage). It has a huge range, which is important to note.

In original TBC both procs could go off for a large number of actions, including:

  • spell hits (damage, heals, and CC)
  • channeled cast ticks
  • dot ticks
  • buffing
  • eating/drinking (makes you stand up)

The eating/drinking was annoying for both Aldor and Scryers, as you could lose out on buff food. The Scryers proc was really problematic if it goes off during CCing (hits your CCed target). With its huge range, it can also pull something you are targeting but not in combat with. Comments were made where someone targeted a boss at the far end of an uncleared room, drank which caused a proc, and then wiped the raid.

We’ll have to wait to see if Blizzard leaves them as they were or makes some changes.


The weapons are ilvl 115 rares and two ilvl 115 epic shields. They are equivalent to other reputation rewards, normal dungeons (including Magister’s Terrace), and various group quests.

Seeker's GavelMace (Main Hand)

Caster DPS
43 goldRevered
Archmage's GuileSword (Main Hand)

Caster DPS
42 goldRevered
K'iru's PresageMace (Main Hand)

44 goldRevered
LegionfoeAxe (Two-Hand)

Physical DPS (Strength)
55 goldRevered
Bombardier's BladeDagger (One-Hand)

Physical DPS (Agility)
46 goldRevered
The SunbreakerSword (One-Hand)

Physical DPS (Agility)
46 goldRevered
Truestrike CrossbowCrossbow

Physical DPS
33 goldRevered
Inuuro's BladeSword (One-Hand)

44 goldRevered
Dawnforged DefenderShield

38 goldExalted
Sunward CrestShield

Tank (Paladin)
38 goldExalted

Lots of recipes (both new and old) are sold by several SSO NPCs, including the quartermaster and specialists tied in with the SSO event. For a complete list see my TBC Classic Phase 5 Recipes guide.


The rations are just as good as Conjured Mana Biscuits from a mage table. Much more expensive, but no mage and clickers are required.

Naaru RationFood

Restores 7500 health and 7200 mana over 30 seconds.
50 silver for 5Friendly
Glyph of the GladiatorHead Enchant

+18 Stamina and +20 Resilience
100 goldRevered
Tabard of the Shattered SunTabard1 goldExalted