Gold Farming In WoW Classic

Gold Farming In WoW Classic Phase 6

There are lots of gold farming options in WoW Classic. The best gold per hour is not always the best option for everyone. This series of gold farming guides is to help you find the one that is the most appealing.

Gold Farming In WoW Classic Phase 6

If you haven’t focused on earning gold before it can be overwhelming with all the options available. There are lots of good guides and advice available, but it helps to know what type of activities might work better for you. No one recommendation works well for every player. Not to mention activities recommended a year ago may not be as lucrative today. This series of guides on farming gold helps you to compare popular options. And has been updated for the economic realities of Phase 6.

Open World Farming

Open world farming offers a lot of options to make gold, from vendor trash to in-demand mats. Provided you are willing to compete over it. Check out 5 popular farming targets in this guide.

Dungeon Farming

Dungeon farms remove the biggest problem with open-world farming: other players. Read about 6 popular options, but which depend on your class and professions.

Professions for Farming Gold

Professions have long been seen as a means for farming gold. It is true, though not all professions are created equal. See what options are available to your current characters.

Making Gold With Early Professions

Newer players ask about making gold with their professions. Here are some easier to get recipes which some profit opportunities.

Player Services for Gold

Portals, summons, and more have become a legitimate way to earn some gold in WoW Classic. Not usually as profitable as farming, but they also require less effort.

GDKPs for Gold

If you love to raid, are experienced with the content, and have good gear a GDKP allows you to be paid to raid. But the details matter, including the balance between good raiders and buyers.

If you are geared and experienced find a GDKP looking for participants. Ask your guildmates if there are any they run in and like. But don’t expect a big payday, especially with older content.

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Playing the Auction House

Going full goblin and using the auction house for more than sales can generate gold per hour at an incredible rate. But it is a complicated and advanced topic.

If you need gold now the auction house is not the answer for you. You can move up to this type of gold farming after you’ve met your current and future needs, and have a pile of gold available as starting capital. It is something you could aspire toward during TBC Classic.

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A Copper Saved Is a Copper Earned

A key element to any wealth-building strategy is to save. Learn how to save your gold, allowing you to better bring in more than you spend.

Short version, reduce your spending habits until you have the saving you desire. Alts are a big-time sink, as are bidding on items you don’t need for progression in GDKPs. It is your game so prioritize what you like. But understand you can’t have everything at once.

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