What To Save For WotLK Classic Phase 2

What To Save For WotLK Classic Phase 2

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase 2 will bring us new content and gear for raiding, PvP, and the new heroic+ mode for current dungeons. There are items currently in WotLK Classic worth saving up to get a head start when the new content arrives. Below you can learn what to save for WotLK Classic Phase 2.

What To Save For WotLK Classic Phase 2

Ulduar Crafting | PvP Currencies | Emblems

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Ulduar Craftable Gear – Save Mats for WotLK Classic Phase 2

The new raid in Phase 2 will offer new waist and feet armor recipes for tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths. These recipes are rare drops from Ulduar bosses and are tradeable. Likewise, all of the items they create are also tradable. You will need to have a 450 skill level to learn and use these recipes. A shared component of all of these recipes will also drop in Ulduar, but you can save the other half of the materials you need now and likely avoid price hikes.

Ulduar bosses

Ulduar bosses

Materials To Save Now

Plate Armor | Titansteel Bars – You’ll need 5 Titansteel Bars for each of the plate armor pieces you want.

Mail Armor | Arctic Fur & Icy Dragonscale – You’ll need 3 Arctic Fur and 20 Icy Dragonscale for each of the mail armor pieces you want.

Leather Armor | Arctic Fur, Eternal Shadow, & Leather – You’ll need 3 Arctic Fur and a mix of Eternal Shadow and other leather components for each of the leather armor pieces you want.

Cloth Armor | Spellweave, Ebonweave, and Moonshroud – Cloth armor for casters and healers uses either a combination of Spellweave and Ebonweave or an equal total amount of Moonshroud.

Runed Orbs

Each item above also requires six Runed Orbs, which are not available in WotLK Classic Phase 1. They will drop from Ulduar trash and bosses, as well as likely be available for Emblems of Conquest or whatever emblem also drops in Ulduar. They are tradeable, so you’ll see them on the auction house soon after Phase 2 raids open up.

You can wait for your guild to acquire them and hand them out. Or save up gold now to purchase them shortly after release. The armor pieces are solid upgrades coming out of Phase 1, but may not be full best-in-slot for everyone. The sooner you get them the more value you’ll get, but also the more you’ll pay for early Runed Orbs.

PvP Currencies Worth Saving for WotLK Classic Phase 2

WotLK Classic PvP involves several currencies, gained from different activities and used in different ways. Some have good savings value for WotLK Classic Phase 2, while others do not.

Wintergrasp Quartermaster, selling items for Stone Keeper's Shards and Wintergrasp Marks of Honor

Wintergrasp Quartermaster, selling items for Stone Keeper’s Shards and Wintergrasp Marks of Honor

Arena Points x0

There is no reason to save arena points for the future. At the end of each arena season (linked to new content phases) arena points are converted to honor and reset to zero. So buy what you want now because you will be reset to no points by the time WotLK Classic Phase 2 begins.

Honor Points x75,000

You can save up to 75,000 honor points and carry those into WotLK Classic Phase 2. That will get you 1-2 new pieces of PvP gear. But if you PvP regularly you know that earning 75,000 honor points doesn’t take too long. Many can do it in 8 rounds of Wintergrasp. So it isn’t best to save them up now if there are still things you can buy with honor. Instead, spend what you can for now and start saving up a week or two before Phase 2 arrives.

Spending Honor Points In WotLK Classic Phase 1

List of all items you can buy with Honor Points

Stormwind PvP Vendors

Stormwind PvP Vendors

Deadly Gladiator’s ilvl 213 Epic Armor

These are the first PvP pieces I would recommend for the more casual player. They have the highest ilvl of all the purely honor point options. And none of these require any arena rating.

  • Deadly Gladiator’s Bracers
  • Deadly Gladiator’s Pendant (various stat options)
  • Deadly Gladiator’s Cloak (various stat options)
  • Deadly Gladiator’s Band (one physical DPS, one caster)

Hateful Gladiator’s ilvl 200 Epic Armor

Next check out these lower ilvl epic pieces to fill in for Deadly Gladiator’s slots you can’t get without an arena rating.

  • Hateful Gladiator’s Belt
  • Hateful Gladiator’s Boots
  • Hateful Gladiator’s Band (various stat options)

Savage Gladiator’s ilvl 200 Rare Armor

This is starter armor for anyone getting into PvP. Individual pieces aren’t as strong as some other options, so you may want to spend honor on these last rather than first. The set bonus gives a nice boost to resilience.

Trinkets & Accessories

For the collectors, there are also a couple of tabards (count toward the achievements) and uncommon gem recipes for jewelcrafters.


Black War Mounts for Honor Points

Black War Mounts for Honor Points

Black war mounts for each race in your faction are available in exchange for honor points. These mounts are often purchased as a final dump for excess honor points before hitting and maintaining the honor point cap until the next content phase.

A mount is also available for the Alliance and the Horde connected to Alterac Valley.

Stone Keeper’s Shard x90

Stone Keeper’s Shards are a PvP-centric currency gained naturally while running heroic dungeons. Whenever the Essence of Wintergrasp buff is active you’ll earn these shards from heroic dungeon boss kills. You can also earn them by completing weekly quests associated with Wintergrasp battles. The rewards may be PvP-centric, but there is some value even for purely PvE players.

Aside from saving a few for a new Kharmaa’s Grace and new PvP enchants there’s no need to horde these until WotLK Classic Phase 2 arrives. There will be no new items you can buy for the remainder of WotLK Classic.

Spending Stone Keeper’s Shards In WotLK Classic Phase 1

List of all items you can buy with Stone Keeper’s Shards

  • PvP heirloom gear is nice for leveling new toons, even on a PvE server. You can get a weapon and shoulders with an XP boost without spending more valuable Emblems of Heroism.
  • Reins of the Black War Mammoth for mount collectors.
  • Lots of PvP-centric gems cut recipes for jewelcrafters.

Wintergrasp Mark of Honor x55+

Participating in Wintergrasp battles earns you Wintergrasp Marks of Honor. One for a loss and three for a win. Vendors in the Wintergrasp fortress between battles will sell you various items for these marks. And new items will be added with each phase of WotLK Classic.

Titan-Forged ilvl 200 Armor

In WotLK Classic Phase 1 you can purchase Titan-Forged head and feet armor for your class and spec. As well as a few trinkets. These are ilvl 200 epic items.

Titan-Forged ilvl 213 Armor

In WotLK Classic Phase 2 new Titan-Forged chest and waist pieces will be released. As well as a few new trinkets. Those will be ilvl 213 epic items, and likely PvP upgrades for anyone not decked out in arena gear.

You’ll want to have 55 Wintergrasp Marks of Honor for both pieces of armor. And another 25 for any trinkets you like. Repeat this savings for every phase, as new Titan-Forged gear gets released.

Emblems & Saving Them for WotLK Classic Phase 2

Blizzard has announced how emblems will be handled starting in WotLK Classic Phase 2. You can find the original community Q7A here.

  • Ulduar 10 and 25-player will drop the new Emblem of Conquest.
  • Heroic dungeons will drop Emblem of Valor.
  • Naxx, OS, and EoE will continue to drop Emblem of Valor.
  • The heroic dungeon daily quest will award Emblem of Conquest. If you kill the last boss in the heroic dungeon daily you’ll get additional Emblems of Conquest (needs clarification from Blizzard).
The emblem system of the original WotLK, Blizzard wants a simpler system for WotLK Classic

The emblem system of the original WotLK, Blizzard wants a simpler system for WotLK Classic

Saving Emblems

Saving your emblems should not cost you anything, but it also won’t help you get new Phase 2 gear. If you need emblem items now you should spend them now. Otherwise, you should look beyond Phase 2 when saving emblems.

Emblem of Valor

  • Buy ilvl 213 epic items for slots you need an upgrade.
  • Wrist armor is BoE, so you can buy and sell it. Or have someone pay you to buy and trade a specific piece. The value of these BoEs has been going down and will continue to do so. But worth considering if you need gold now.
  • PvPers can look at getting Hateful Gladiator pieces where they don’t already have Deadly
  • You can exchange an Emblem of Valor for an Emblem of Heroism, done one at a time and without limit. This is already available in the game and is useful for leveraging Valor in later phases.
Usuri Brightcoin in the Dalaran sewer's inn will exchange any emblem for an emblem of the next lowest tier

Usuri Brightcoin in the Dalaran sewer’s inn will exchange any emblem for an emblem of the next lowest tier

Emblem of Heroism

  • Buy PvE heirlooms for any alts you plan to level up soon. If you’re going to wait on the alt then you’ll get better value buying the same heirlooms in Phase 2 using the new Argent Tournament currency.
  • In Phase 3 epic gems will be released. In original WotLK, we could buy epic gems for 20 EoH. Saving Heroism (and converting unused Valor into Heroism) could help you upgrade to epic gems faster and for less gold. Epic gems may also prove more valuable per emblem later on than selling Valor bracers now.
  • In Phase 4 a new vendor will be available, selling various items for Frozen Orbs. And you can purchase Frozen Orbs with 10 Emblems of Heroism already. Tailors will want to have 6 Frozen Orbs ready to go for the new flying carpet pattern.

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