Veiled Shadows Set for Rogues

Veiled Shadows Set for Rogues

Veiled Shadows Set for Rogues

AQ20 offers each class a 3-piece set. These come from quest items dropped by bosses. Each one requires Cenarion Circle reputation to turn in. As well as various scarabs and idols found in AQ20. For rogues, it is the Emblems of Veiled Shadows set. A dagger, cloak, and ring. On their own, these pieces aren’t special for Tier 2 geared raiders. But wearing all three gives you a powerful set bonus: -10 energy cost for Slice and Dice.

How Good Are Veiled Shadows?

Because of the set bonus, these three pieces can be BiS for some rogues. At least until you get gear from AQ40 to fill in those same slots.

  • All dagger rogues
  • Non-human sword rogues w/o Maladath

The numbers going around the rogue community are an 11 DPS increase for dagger rogues. And a 5-6 DPS increase for specific sword rogues. But those numbers are under more optimal conditions than less hardcore raider experience. They include Phase 4 BiS gear, full consumables, full world buffs, optimized raid groups, and 90-second boss kills. If that doesn’t sound like you and your raid group join the club.

So I ran my own numbers under conditions I usually play under. Mostly Phase 4 BiS gear, regular consumables (elixirs and food), 1-2 world buffs, non-optimized raid groups, and 2-4 minute boss kills.

  • Bitt Model (daggers): 8-9 DPS increase
  • Non-human Sword Model (epic swords, BF 8/8): 9-11 DPS increase

Still a good DPS increase for those rogues.

Veiled Shadow Items On Their Own


Band of Veiled Shadows – Likely a downgrade if you have the ZG ring set. Or two epic rings. Wait until you have the full set to wear.

Cloak of Veiled Shadows – Small upgrade if you’re running with Baron’s cape still (like me).

Dagger of Veiled Shadows – Small upgrade from Core Hound Tooth or Dragonfang Blade in your OH. Worth enchanting and equipping as soon as you get it.

Getting Veiled Shadow

You’ll need to get specific boss drops, scarabs and idols, and Cenarion Circle rep for each item.

Band of Veiled Shadows

  • Qiraji Ceremonial Ring (boss drop, used by three other classes)
  • Onyx Idol (2)
  • Stone Scarab (5)
  • Crystal Scarab (5)
  • Cenarion Circle (Honored)

Cloak of Veiled Shadows

  • Qiraji Martial Drape (boss drop, used by three other classes)
  • Azure Idol (2)
  • Bronze Scarab (5)
  • Ivory Scarab (5)
  • Cenarion Circle (Revered)

Dagger of Veiled Shadows

  • Qiraji Spiked Hilt (boss drop, used by three other classes)
  • Vermillion Idol (2)
  • Clay Scarab (5)
  • Gold Scarab (5)
  • Cenarion Circle (Exalted)

Your guild should be collecting scarabs and idols from both AQ20 and AQ40 runs. My guild will do so. And then hand out needed items as our members get the quest drops and reach the needed reputation level. Scarabs and idols will also be available at the auction house. I expect scarabs to be cheap soon after Phase 5 starts. Some idols may hold higher value for longer.

Cenarion Circle rep is best earned running AQ20. Each full clear gets you ~2000 rep.