How To Get To Dalaran In WotLK Classic

How To Get To Dalaran In WotLK Classic

Dalaran is the new capital city for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, located in Northrend. Unlike previous capital cities in both WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, Dalaran is not directly accessible by players at the launch of the new expansion. Most characters won’t be able to get into Dalaran until they complete a quest at level 74. But there are some exceptions. Below you’ll learn how to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic.

How To Get To Dalaran In WotLK Classic

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How To Get To Dalaran in WotLK Classic – Quest at Level 74

For most players, the answer to how to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic is via this quest, made available at level 74 in any of the first four zones in Northrend. This is the intended way for all non-mages to access Dalaran.

  1. Pick up the quest The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran from any of these NPCs located throughout the first four zones in Northrend:
  2. Speak again to the same NPC who gave you the quest and they will teleport you to Dalaran. Do not run to Crystalsong Forest.
  3. Turn in the quest to Archmage Celindra. She will give you a follow-up quest that teaches you how to teleport between Dalaran and the Crystalsong Forest.
  4. Also, be sure to learn the Dalaran flight point.

You now have regular access to Dalaran via the teleportation crystal in Crystalsong Forest or any Northrend flight master. Most players will benefit from setting their hearthstone to an inn in Dalaran.

Crystalsong Forest Map

Crystalsong Forest

How Mages Get to Dalaran at Level 71

Mages can learn the spell Teleport: Dalaran after completing a quest in Dragonblight at level 71.


  1. Go to Stars’ Rest in Dragonblight.
  2. Speak with the Image of Archmage Modera and pick up the quest Attunement to Dalaran.
  3. Head west by southwest from Stars’ Rest, coordinates 20.04, 59.65 to complete the quest.
  4. Turn the quest in and you’ll learn the Teleport: Dalaran spell.


  1. Go to Agmar’s Hammer in Dragonblight.
  2. Speak with the Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver and pick up the quest Attunement to Dalaran.
  3. Head southwest from Agmar’s Hammer, coordinates 20.04, 59.65 to complete the quest.
  4. Turn the quest in and you’ll learn the Teleport: Dalaran spell.
Dragonblight Map - Mage Dalaran Quest

Mage quest objective location for Alliance and Horde

If a mage manages to get to Dalaran via other means they can also learn Teleport: Dalaran from Archmage Celindra at level 71. At level 74 she will also teach mages Portal: Dalaran. With the portal spell, a mage can help any character at any level to get to Dalaran.

Battleground AFK Trip to Dalaran at Level 71+

Update: This trick is not working during pre-patch, so don’t expect it to work for WotLK Classic.

This was a popular method for a level 71-73 mage to help get a lot of level 71+ characters into Dalaran during the original Wrath of the Lich King. If you want to organize this among your guild it can be done as soon as you have a mage at level 71 and will work for any other characters between levels 71-79.

  1. The character who is in Dalaran starts a group of up to 5 players total (this can be repeated indefinitely). The character in Dalaran must be the group leader.
  2. The group leader in Dalaran goes to a battle master and queues the group for a battleground.
  3. When the battleground queue pops, everyone except the group leader should join the battleground. The group leader must not join, or else they will not be able to repeat this trick for a while.
  4. Once in the battleground the group members type /afk and leave the battleground. Note you will not be able to rejoin battlegrounds for a bit. You can also complete the battleground if you like.
  5. You will reappear in Dalaran. Bind your hearthstone, learn the flight point, and speak to Archmage Celindra for the teleportation quest (requires level 68).

Repeat this with another four players until everyone has been teleported to Dalaran.

Mage Portal & Warlock Summons to Dalaran at Any Level

After the first week or so of WotLK Classic, it will be easier to access Dalaran through regular class abilities rather than AFK tricks.

Mages learn their Dalaran portal spell at level 74. So any level 74+ mage can open a portal for any character at any level, allowing them to access Dalaran.

A warlock in Dalaran with two other party members can summon any character at any level to Dalaran. In WotLK Classic the Ritual of Summoning ability creates a summoning stone that can be used repeatedly for up to 5 minutes.

Fly Into Dalaran at Level 77 with WotLK Classic Flying

Once you learn Cold Weather Flying you can simply go to Crystalsong Forest and fly into Dalaran. Outside of Dalaran, you can learn Cold Weather Flying at level 77 from either Pilot Vic in Sholazar Basin or Roxi Ramrocket in Storm Peaks.

Teleported Out of Level 60 Naxxramas Into Dalaran

Update: Blizzard fixed this. At best you can get teleported to Dragonblight, but nowhere near Dalaran.

A WotLK Classic beta tester logged out a character in Naxxramas in TBC Classic, then transferred that character to WotLK Classic beta and logged it in. The character was auto teleported out of the instance after a few seconds, and ended up in Dalaran!

The video creator treated this as a bug and reported it as such. The level 60 version of Naxxramas will go away during the WotLK Classic pre-patch, weeks before Northrend is opened. If this method continued to work a character would have to be attuned to Naxxramas, log out before pre-patch begins, and remain logged out until WotLK Classic is fully launched. Not worth it, given how easily a level 71 mage can get their friends and guildmates to Dalaran a day or so earlier than normal leveling progression.

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