Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation

Sha'tari Skyguard Reputation

This Sha’tari Skyguard reputation guide will get you started with the rep grind, gaining access to new rewards and daily quests. The reputation rewards are niche items not all players may be interested in. Most prominently a new type of epic flying mount, a nether way. But also cloaks which slow falling speed, usable by all classes regardless of their professions.

Sha'tari Skyguard Reputation

The Sha’tari Skyguard are the air wing of the Sha’tar from Shattrath City. They focus on possible attacks from the hills and the arakkoa. In addition to their presence in Shattrath City and Terokk Forest, they also have an output near Ogri’la. Both the Shattari Skyguard and Ogri’la factions are tied together.

Flying Required | Reputation Rewards | Earning Rep | Bash’ir Landing Raid

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Level 70 & Flying Mount Required To Gain Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation

Most of the Sha’tari Skyguard related action is in Skettis (Terokkar Forest) and Ogri’la (Blade’s Edge Mountains). Both quest hubs require flying to access regularly. Faster epic flying mounts are not required.

Blackwind Landing quest hub location

Blackwind Landing quest hub location

Ogri’la and the Blade's Edge Mountain's plateau

Ogri’la and the Blade’s Edge Mountain’s plateau

Level 68 druids with flight form and players summoned by a warlock can access these areas. But the initial quests require level 70, so don’t plan on skipping ahead while still leveling up.

The nearest flight point to the Terokk Forest hub for Alliance is Allerian Stronghold, and for the Horde is Stonebreaker Hold.

The nearest flight point to the Ogri’la hub for Alliance is Sylvanaar, and for the Horde is Thunderlord Stronghold.

Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation Rewards

There are no rewards that raiders will be especially interested in for performance enhancement. The epic trinkets might be nice for grinding, as they can proc once every 10 seconds. The big draws are the cloaks and the nether ray mounts.

FriendlyEnriched Terocone JuiceConsumable

Restores 4320 health and 5200 mana over 30 seconds
40 silver
HonoredSkyguard RationsConsumable

Restores 6000 health over 30 seconds

+15 Stamina and +15 Spirit for 15 minutes
45 silver
ReveredSkyguard's DrapeRare Back - Physical DPS

+15 Agility, +52 Attack Power

Reduces your fall speed for 10 seconds (30 minute CD)
4.7 gold
ReveredSkywitch's DrapeRare Back - Caster

+15 Intellect, +30 Spell Damage & Healing

Reduces your fall speed for 10 seconds (30 minute CD)
4.7 gold
ExaltedAirman's Ribbon of GallantryEpic Trinket - Caster

+34 Spell Critical Strike Rating

50% chance to increase spell damage and healing by 80 for 30 seconds after a kill
4.1 gold
ExaltedSkyguard Silver CrossEpic Trinket - Physical DPS

+34 Criticall Strike Rating

50% chance to increase attack power by 140 for 30 seconds after a kill
4.1 gold
ExaltedBlue Riding Nether RayEpic Flying Mount200 gold
ExaltedGreen Riding Nether RayEpic Flying Mount200 gold
ExaltedPurple Riding Nether RayEpic Flying Mount200 gold
ExaltedRed Riding Nether RayEpic Flying Mount200 gold
ExaltedSilver Riding Nether RayEpic Flying Mount200 gold
ExaltedNether Ray FryNon-combat Pet40 gold
ExaltedSkyguard TabardTabard1 gold

The cloaks offer slow fall to all classes with or without engineering.

Sha'tari Skyguard nether ray mount

Sha’tari Skyguard nether ray mount

The very fast nether ray mounts offer a new status symbol, as well as a new TBC Classic flying mount model. You still need to train 300 skill riding at its full price. But the new mounts will be 20% cheaper than regular flying mounts thanks to your exalted discount.

Earning Reputation with Sha’tari Skyguard

Most reputation gains are through quests and daily quests. You can grind certain mobs for rep, as well as complete a repeatable (not limited to daily) quest to summon a high rep boss.

Getting Started

You need to wait until Phase 2 of the Burning Crusade Classic to begin the rep grind.

  1. In Shattrath City near the flight master, you’ll find the quest Threat from Above.
  2. After completing the task you’ll be sent to Blackwind Landing in Skettis, the first Sha’tari Skyguard quest hub.

Blackwind Landing, Terokk’s Forest

Arakkoa Skull Pile

Arakkoa Skull Pile

Soon after you arrive you can unlock the two daily quests in the area. There are plenty of more quests to complete. Completing all quests (including the dailies once) will net you over 3600 reputation points, enough to reach friendly status.

Daily quests:

Repeatable quests:

  1. More Shadow Dust is a repeatable quest (as often as you like) for 150 reputation points. The Elixir of Shadows it awards can be used to see Time-Lost Skettis.
  2. Kill Time-Lost Skettis (10 rep each) to collect 40 Time-Lost Scrolls. Note they are tradable.
  3. Pick up the quest Adversarial Blood (350 rep the first time, uncertain about repeats), which is repeatable and not limited to once a day. The newer version of the quest (originally Patch 2.3.3) only requires you to kill the named elites. The old version required looting a quest item, of which there was only one per group.
  4. Use the Time-Lost Scroll (10 each) to summon Darkscreecher Akkarai, Gezzarak the Huntress, Karrog, and Vakkiz the Windrager. Kill them all (100 rep each) to complete Adversarial Blood. You’ll want a group of 3 or more for this step.
  5. Turn in Adversarial Blood and receive a Time-Lost Offering. Everyone in your group should get one.
  6. Use the TIme-Lost Offering to summon and kill Terokk, which is required of the quest Terokk’s Downfall but can be repeated. A 5-person group is recommended for this step. Terokk alone grants 500 rep per kill, and with a 5-man group in the earlier step, you can summon him 5 times. But be aware there is a 15-minute spawn timer for the skull pile used.

This entire process yields rep from every kill for every member of your group, with 900 rep from the named arakkoa alone. Without much competition for mobs, you could get around 2,000 reputation points per hour repeating this process with a dedicated group.

Skyguard Outpost, Blade’s Edge Mountains

The quests in this hub are also connected to the Ogri’la faction and quest series. You’ll need to have completed the initial set of quests, granting you neutral standing with Ogri’la. And then have complete the first few Ogri’la on the plateau, up through Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger.

The quests from this hub will grant both Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard reputation points. Likewise, the dailies in this area that grant Sha’tari Skyguard reputation also grant Ogri’la reputation.

Daily quests:

When you reach honored with Sha’tari Skyguard a flight path between Blackwind Landing and the Skyguard Outpost becomes available.

Ogri’la, Blade’s Edge Mountains

Once you are honored with Ogri’la (not Sha’tari Skyguard) two more quests will be available which also grant Sha’tari Skyguard reputation.

Note that the daily Banish More Demands does NOT reward Sha’tari Skyguard reputation, only the original quest.

Grindable Mobs

You can kill these mobs for rep alongside completing quests and dailies:

How Long Until Exalted

Completing all quests and doing dailies each day but not grinding mobs, it will take about 37 days to go from neutral to exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard. You will earn around 1200 gold from the daily quests over that period.

You can speed up the process by farming mobs and the repeatable quest, X. It is possible to farm up to 2,000 rep per hour, but expect there to be too much competition for mobs to do this during the initial weeks of Phase 2.

Bash’ir Landing Raid

The Bash’ir Landing raid run by Sha’tari Skyguard has more to do with Ogri’la content than Sha’tari Skyguard, given its location and the vendors mostly deal in Apexis Shards/Crystals. Check out the details in the Ogri’la reputation guide.