Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus PvP Guide

Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus PvP Guide

Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus PvP Guide

New world PvP objectives arrive in Phase 6 for both Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus. Alliance and Horde compete to gain zone-wide buffs to benefit all members of their faction. The benefits are limited for those moving on to regular Naxxramas raiding. And servers with a serious faction imbalance shouldn’t expect these to suddenly fix world PvP. This guide to the Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus PvP objectives will go over how to take part, as well as break down the benefits.

Eastern Plaguelands | Silithus

Eastern Plaguelands – A Game of Towers

There are four towers your faction can gain control of by having more PvP flagged members than the other side. Each tower offers its own benefit, as well as contributing to a zone-wide damage buff again undead.

Eastern Plaguelands Towers

Eastern Plaguelands Towers

Northpass Tower – North

  • Altar inside the tower grants +5% hit for 30 minutes (usable in Naxx)

Plaguewood Tower – Northwest

  • Ghost Flight Master, fly to any of the other three towers on a ghostly mount

Eastwall Tower – Near Light’s Hope Chapel

  • Sends a group of faction NPCs to Northpass Tower, whether you control it or not

Crown Guard Tower – South

  • Gain access to a graveyard just north of the tower

Zone Wide Buff

  • 1 Tower = 1% damage against undead
  • 2 Towers = 2% damage against undead
  • 3 Towers = 3% damage against undead
  • 4 Towers = 5% damage against undead

Buff only affects those in Eastern Plaguelands. It does not affect Naxxramas.

Silithus – The Silithyst Must Flow

In Silithus there is a race between the Alliance and Horde to secure as much silithyst as possible. Players need to find a geyser and pick it up, which will flag you for PvP. Then run back to their faction’s camp to turn it in. The first faction to 200 silithyst wins.

Silithyst Gyser

Silithyst Gyser | Source: Wowhead

Running with Silithyst

When carrying silithyst your movement speed will be reduced, though abilities like Sprint will still work normally. You also cannot mount, doing so will drop the silithyst on the ground.

If you are damaged by another player you will drop your silithyst. Anyone can pick it up, typically the player left standing after the fight.


A player turning in a single silithyst will earn 20 rep with Cenarion Circle and honor.

The winning faction will get a zone-wide buff, increasing Cenation Circle rep gains from killing mobs by 25%. The rep buff applies to both Silithus and the Ahn’Qiraj raids.