Onyxia’s Bakery Scarab Lord Guide

Gates of AQ

This post was created for my guild members (Onyxia’s Bakery on Pagle-Alliance) to help with our Scarab Lord effort. I am now making it public, as the event is over. We not only completed the event. But were server first for the rep grind, Green Scepter Shard, and Blue Scepter Shard.

Gates of AQ

We are making a serious attempt at having a Scarab Lord among our ranks. This is a guild wide effort and achievement. A once in a lifetime 15 years gaming event.

The event kicks off at 12:00 PM server time on July 28. If things go as expected we will have until 10:30 PM on August 4 to complete the task.

Walkthrough | Silithus Rep Grind | Chimaerok Tenderloins

Scarab Lord Walkthrough, tl;dr Version

Start & First Blackwing Lair Raid
  1. Pick up starting quests. Do NOT pick up the quests What Tomorrow Brings or Only One May Rise! If you have the raid quest you will be forced to abandon it before our first Blackwing Lair run.
  2. Guild goes into Blackwing Lair ASAP on Tuesday, July 28. The goal is to kill Broodlord (boss after suppression room).
  3. Head to Silithus to start rep grind. Raid group may or may not complete Blackwing Lair.
Rep Grind
  1. Turn in 36,700 Silithid Carapace Fragments (bet you’re glad this isn’t you now). This is to get him from hated to neutral with the new AQ40 faction, Brood of Nozdormu. The rest of us will get rep once running AQ40.
  2. Silithid Carapace Fragments are guaranteed drops (1-4 per kill) from any silithid in Silithus. But only one person will initially be able to see and loot them. So any party/raid group kills must be within range of them.
  3. After every turn in of 200 fragments, we can “deputize” another player. Which gives them Agent of Nozdormu. And will allow that player to also see and loot Silithid Carapace Fragments. The fragments are not bound, so can be traded. This will allow us to have several different farm teams in different locations.

The rep grind will be the make or break moment of our effort. If completed within a few days there will be time to finish the other requirements before Blackwing Lair resets.

The Three Scepter Shards

Once the rep grind is over we must complete three quest lines. Each ending with receiving a scepter shard.

Red Scepter Shard – Enter Blackwing Lair, speak to Vael, then kill Nefarian. Note we killed Vael in our start run, so we must wait until the instance reset on Tuesday. This is where the 10:30 PM on August 4 deadline comes from. The first to ring the gong will be after Blackwing Lair resets. And we have 10 hours after the first completion to finish.

Green Scepter Shard – Group to run Sunken Temple. Followed by raid quests traveling to the four Emerald Dream portals and fighting a unique world boss.

Blue Scepter Shard – Involves a run into Molten Core, for a quest item that can drop from any trash or boss. It may be a quick trash run. Or it may be a full clear. We will also need to kill Onyxia. And head back into Blackwing Lair to pick up an item (soloable). Oh, and we’re going to raid Undercity.

Gong Time

Once all shards are gathered there are a few more quests, then we can bang the gong. Provided he does so within 10 hours of the first bang he will receive Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal. And at the start of TBC, he’ll be able to display the title Scarab Lord.

All of us will have completed one of the rarest feats in MMO history. With stories, we’ll remember and share for years to come.

Complete Scarab Lord Walkthrough

Blizzard Post On AQ Expectations

Silithus Rep Grind

The bulk of our time will go toward helping collect Silithid Carapace Fragments. Details will be organized by officers through Discord.


Set your hearth to Cenarion Hold, Silithus – It takes 15-20 minutes to get to Silithus from Stormwind or Ironforge. Setting your hearthstone will allow you to quickly join the rep grind effort. There will likely be mages in our rep teams. Ask them for a portal to Stormwind or Ironforge as needed.

Mages, please carry extra regents to help your guildmates. If this puts a financial burden on you talk to Bitt.

Warlocks, please do not summon anyone unless asked to by officers. Summons take 3 people away from the grind.

Install TomTom – Available in the Twitch app. It is a GPS tool for the game. With it, you can easily navigate to the map coordinates used below.

Type “/way X, Y” and you’ll get an arrow showing you the way to the two coordinate numbers you entered.

Open your map and put the mouse cursor over a spot to get its coordinates. Share that with others trying to get to you.

Party locations on the map do not help if the party is inside a hive. And hives have multiple entrances that do not connect. Going to the correct entrance is the difference between joining up and dying alone.

Join the Effort
  1. Log into the game and head to Silithus.
  2. Join Discord voice chat and ask for an invite.
  3. Follow instructions as given.

An officer will screenshot the raid group once an hour. These screenshots will be used to award EP to participants.

Silithid Hive Locations
Silithus zone map of carapace drop locations

Silithus zone map of carapace drop locations

Silithid Hive Internal Maps & Details


Silithid maps were created by Heldentaten <Nightfall>, EU-Razorfen.

Nearest Resources To Silithus
  • Auction House – Darnassus (faster to get a mage port and hearth back)
  • Bank – Gadgetzan, flight only takes a few minutes
  • Graveyard – Your spirit will end up in Cenarion Hold, a long run if you were in one of the southern hives
  • Inn & Mailbox – In Cenarion Hold, the large two-story building on the lowest level
  • Reagents – Khur Hornstriker (tauren) in Cenarion Hold, also sells rogue poisons
  • Repairs – Blacksmith next to Cenarion Hold inn

Chimaerok Tenderloins

As part of the Blue Scepter Shard section, we will need 20 Chimaerok Tenderloins. We can get these for him. Allowing him to stay on the rep grind and saving time.

The meat drops from Chimaeroks on the Isle of Dread in Feralas (south of Feathermoon Stronghold).

Isle of Dread location

Isle of Dread location

About the Chimaeroks
  • Level 60-62 elites
  • Heavy nature damage
  • Arcane Chimaerok can reflect magic back at the caster and silence
  • Chimaerok has chain lightning
  • Chimaerok Devourer has lowest drop rate, highest level
  • Avoid Lord Lakmaeran, raid boss we’ll get to later
The Party

We’ll send a 5-man party. It will include:

  • 1 tank, with nature resistance gear
  • 1 healer
  • 3 melee and/or hunter DPS (bring your nature resistance gear)

The area is likely to be heavily farmed. And there is gold value to the meat (makes +25 stamina food), so not everyone will leave after they get their 20. If farming isn’t viable the team may return to the rep grind and come back later.