Best Honor Farm In TBC Classic

Best Honor Farm In TBC Classic

The best way to farm honor in TBC Classic is to complete two PvP daily quests each day. Each quest awards 943 honor points and on many servers will require no actual PvP combat, allowing them to only take minutes to complete. This is a great option for both PvE players who need honor for their Medallion of the Alliance or Medallion of the Horde trinket and PvP-focused players wanting better honor per hour.

Best Honor Farm In TBC Classic

Spirit Towers in Terokkar Forest – The Best Honor Farm In TBC Classic

Farm honor in TBC Classic with the Spirit Towers

Spirit tower in Terokkar Forest nearest the Alliance base just before a reset

The PvP daily quest in Terokkar Forest is the easiest honor you’ll ever see in TBC Classic, provided you can be online at the right time. The Spirit Towers reset every 6 hours, allowing them to be captured again by either faction. The daily quest only requires you to participate in the capture of one tower. On a server overwhelmingly in your faction’s favor, this takes less than 30 seconds once started.

  1. Pick up the PvP daily quest from Terokkar Forest (Alliance | Horde).
  2. Note the time remaining on the Spirit Towers while in Terokkar Forest. There is a timer showing in the upper center of your screen. You’ll need to be online for one of the resets that day. The towers reset every 6 hours, plus the time it takes to capture all five.
  3. Shortly before the Spirit Towers reset gather around one of the towers. Preferably the one closest to the quest giver and with members of your faction. Flag for PvP (/pvp) to get capture credit when the reset occurs.
  4. Once you’ve helped capture one tower you’re done, turn in the quest and pick up your 943 honor points.

Tips for completing this daily quest:

  • Make sure you have the daily quest and are flagged for PvP before the reset.
  • Find a tower full of players from your faction for a faster and safer capture.
  • The addon Nova World Buffs will show you an estimate on the reset timer for the Spirit Towers. I say estimate because in my experience it tends to be off by 10-20 minutes (usually running too late). As the reset gets closer the addon’s timer gets more accurate.
  • Make time to go on to Hellfire Peninsula immediately completing this quest.

Hellfire Fortifications in Hellfire Peninsula

Farm honor in TBC Classic with the Hellfire fortifications

One of three Hellfire fortifications in the center of Hellfire Peninsula

The PvP daily in Hellfire Peninsula is a bit more complicated to get done and strongly benefits from your server having a strong faction imbalance. But even as the second-best honor farm in TBC Classic it is still an easy way to double your daily honor earnings. You’ll need to help capture all three fortifications, but you don’t need to hold all three at once. This daily quest can be completed at any time, but if you’re a part of the dominant faction on your server then it is best done immediately after a Spirit Tower reset from above.

How Dominate Factions Complete the Quest

If you are part of the minority faction completing this quest is easy. Fly out there anytime and you’ll likely find the forts capped for the enemy. Simply land and capture them. But for members of the dominant faction on an imbalanced server, you need a member of the opposite faction to reset the forts before you can capture them yourself. This is where flippers come in.

Flippers are alts who belong to the opposite faction but are controlled by players who normally play for the dominant faction. So an Alliance player may have a Horde flipper alt on a second account. The flippers are used to reset the fortifications to a neutral capture point, which allows new players to capture it for their faction.

How You Can Complete the Quest Thanks To Other Players’ Flippers

You’ll want to have a flying mount to make this easy. If you only have a ground mount you will have to wait outside of each fortification until it resets to neutral. And then you’ll often find you get in too late to gain capture credit during the initial rushes.

  1. Pick up the PvP daily quest from Hellfire Peninsula (Alliance | Horde). You could do this in advance and head straight to the fortifications when ready later.
  2. Make sure you’re still flagged for PvP.
  3. Head toward the fortifications and follow the crowd. Flippers usually operate in a rotating pattern.
    • Broken Hill -> Stadium -> Overlook
  4. Hover over the fortification, DO NOT LAND if it is still flagged for your faction. You want only the opposite faction flippers on the ground to reset the flag.
  5. Once the flag goes to neutral (white flag) land and gets capture credit. Then follow the crowd to the next fortification. Repeat the process.
  6. If you miss one don’t panic, the flippers usually reset each flag a few times. Stay with the crowd, then head to the one you missed when most everyone else is done.
  7. Turn in the quest for another 943 honor points.
Typical capture order of Hellfire Fortifications with opposite faction flippers

Typical capture order of Hellfire Fortifications with opposite faction flippers

Tips for completing this daily quest:

  • Make sure you have the daily quest and are flagged for PvP.
  • Pick up the quest from Honor Hold/Thrallmar earlier in the day so you have it as soon as you arrive from the Spirit Towers.
  • Don’t kill the flippers. While it is legal to do in terms of the game, it is a dick move. Your reputation matters for group activities in both TBC Classic and the upcoming WotLK Classic. Getting black-listed for zero honor is not a smart move.