TBC Quests To Save On Your Death Knight for WotLK Classic

TBC Quests To Save On Your Death Knight for WotLK Classic

A long-running strategy for leveling quickly in a new WoW expansion has been to complete and hoard quests to turn in on launch day. That allows for a big burst in XP for a relatively short among of time spent running around the now previous content and turning in completed quests. You’re a little later getting to the new content, but you’re closer to hitting your first new level. Here you’ll find a list of TBC quests to save on your death knight for WotLK Classic launch.

TBC Quests To Save On Your Death Knight for WotLK Classic

This particular list was put together for fresh, level 70 death knights. It assumes you’re able to plan your questing a bit while leveling and you have all listed quests available at the end of TBC Classic. This gives you more options and twice as much XP potential. Other, newer level 70 characters should also go through this list and see how much of it they can complete. Veteran TBC characters who have cleared Outland of regular quests can check out a similar list leveraging TBC daily quests, which everyone can do.

TBC Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch – Daily Quests

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TBC Quests To Save On Your Death Knight for WotLK Classic – Preparations

Complete these quests and other tasks before the official launch of WotLK Classic. Do not turn in any quests or items yet.

Isle of Quel’Dalans Daily Quests = 31,600 XP

  1. Ata’mal Armaments = 15,800 XP
  2. Rediscovering Your Roots = 15,800 XP

Shattrath Daily Quests = 53,800+ XP

  1. Heroic dungeon daily = 19,000 XP
  2. Dungeon daily = 12,650 XP
  3. Cooking daily = 12,650 XP
  4. The Multiphase Survey = 9500 XP
  5. Sunfury Attack Plans = 9500 XP
  6. Maintaining the Sunwell Portal = 9500 XP

Netherwing Daily Quests = 91,700

Netherwing quest map

Netherwing quest map

To access Netherwing daily quests you need to complete a quest series to gain neutral standing. To access all of the quests below you also need to reach honored standing, which will take you 4 days of doing all available daily quests.

  1. Picking Up the Pieces = 15,800 (friendly)
  2. A Slow Death = 12,650 (neutral)
  3. Netherwing Crystals = 12,650 (neutral)
  4. The Not-So-Friendly-Skies = 12,650 (neutral)
  5. Dragons Are the Least of Our Problems = 12,650 (friendly)
  6. The Booterang = 12,650 (friendly)
  7. Disrupting the Twilight Portal = 12,650 (honored)

Do NOT complete the racing quests which become available at honored. You want to save those for WotLK Classic launch day.

Shattered Halls Dungeon Quests = 75,900 XP

These quests can all be picked up and completed between levels 67-70. This is the only part that differs for Alliance and Horde players.


  1. Fel Embers = 25,300 XP
  2. Pride of the Fel Horde = 25,300 XP
  3. Turning the Tide = 25,300 XP


  1. Pride of the Fel Horde = 25,300 XP
  2. The Will of the Warchief = 25,300 XP

Serpentshrine Cavern Dungeon Quests = 47,300 XP

  1. Lost In Action = 22,000 XP
  2. The Warlord’s Hideout = 25,300 XP

Auchindoun Dungeon Quests = 168,300 XP

These quests give you great XP at level 70 and have their turn-ins close to one another or in Shattrath. Ideally, you could complete but hold these quests while leveling up.

Mana Tombs

  1. Undercutting the Competition = 22,600 XP
  2. Someone Else’s Hard Work Pays Off = 22,600 XP

Auchenai Crypts

  1. Everything Will Be Alright = 23,300 XP

Sethekk Halls

  1. Brother Against Brother = 24,600 XP
  2. Terokk’s Legacy = 24,600 XP

Shadow Labyrinth

  1. Find Spy To’gun -> The Soul Devices = 25,300 XP
  2. The Codex of Blood -> Into the Heart of the Labyrinth = 25,300 XP

That Is More Than 25 Quests

The total number of quests listed above equals 27 for Alliance players, and 26 for Horde players. I went over so you have some options. If you can’t complete every dungeon quest then you can fall back on some Shattrath daily quests for less XP. If you can complete every dungeon quest then you should skip some of the Shattrath daily quests which only award 9500 XP.

Items To Gather = 68,450 XP

These will be for additional quest turn-ins. By having the item you can immediately pick up and turn in the quest. Allowing for more quests beyond your 25 quest log limit.

  1. Dampscale Basilisk Eye x8 if Aldor or Dreadfang Venom Sac x8 if Scryers
  2. Arakkoa Feather x30
  3. Ominous Letter – Drops in Hellfire Ramparts, do not start the quest yet
  4. Orders from Lady Vashj – Drops in Steamvaults, do not start the quest yet
  5. Coilfang Armaments x1
  6. Swim Speed Potion (optional)

Additional Items To Gather = 38,850 XP

Aldor rep turn-in

Aldor rep turn-in

These items (and proper withholding of using them prior to WotLK Classic launch) will earn you more XP, but you will miss out on Aldor/Scryers and Cenarion Expedition reputation gains. This means no access to the shoulder enchants or head enchants from those factions. If you plan to raid during WotLK pre-patch then skip this section.


You must be honored with the Aldor to get these quests.

  1. Mark of Sargeras x10 = 12,650 XP
  2. Fel Armament x1 = 15,800 XP


You must be honored with the Scryers to get these quests.

  1. Sunfury Signet x10 = 12,650 XP
  2. Arcane Tome x1 = 15,800 XP


You must be less than honored with the Cenarion Expedition to get this quest.

  1. Unidentified Plant Parts x10 = 10,400 XP

As a reminder, you will only get XP on the very first turn-in of each item listed above. To use these for level 71 means you cannot use them for level 60-70 progression, nor to earn more rep.

Turn In Order

Follow these steps in this order to minimize your time turning in quests and to maximize your XP earned. You can skip sections as you like, but keep in mind getting to Northrend a bit later helps put you into a less populated layer. So a delay of a couple of hours could speed up your questing in Northrend.

The Day Before WotLK Classic Launch

  1. Set your hearthstone to Shattrath.
  2. Log out in the middle of the Netherwing quest hub.

On WotLK Classic Launch Day – Netherwing & Shattrath 1

Netherwing quest hub

Netherwing quest hub

  1. Turn in all Netherwing quests.
  2. Start the Netherwing racing quests and go through them all. The best strategy with all opponents is to stay above them. Only one player can race each NPC at a time, so if there are a lot of players you can skip this option. But note it is worth 91,000 XP.
  3. Hearth to Shattrath.
  4. If you are doing Aldor/Scryers turn-ins for XP then do those now.
  5. Turn in the following Shattrath quests only for now. They are all found in or near the center of the city:
    • The Multiphase Survey
    • Sunfury Attack Plans
    • Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
    • The Soul Devices
    • Into the Heart of the Labyrinth
  6. Take the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas.

Isle of Quel’Danas

Isle of Quel'Danas

Isle of Quel’Danas

  1. Pick up every daily quest that is available, except for the gold donation quest. You should get 11 new quests in total. You also need to turn in Rediscovering Your Roots and Ata’mal Armaments to make enough room in your quest log.
  2. Complete all of the Isle of Quel’Danas daily quests. Each quest is significantly less XP than new Northrend quests. But the quest objectives are very close to each other, there should be fewer players competing, and you likely have experience completing these already. So you will see a better XP per hour rate compared to the opening hours of WotLK Classic. In total, you’ll earn 117,050 XP.
  3. Use the Darnarian’s Scroll of Teleportation you received from turning in Know Your Ley Lines. It will send you back to Shattrath.

Shattrath 2, Auchindoun, Hellfire Peninsula, & Zangarmarsh

Auchindoun - TBC Quests To Save On Your Death Knight for WotLK Classic


  1. Turn in all remaining Shattrath quests.
    • The best pathing is to start in Lower City by the Aldor bank, then follow the semi-circle.
    • Be sure to also pick up and immediately turn in quests you gathered items for: The Outcast’s Plight and Voren’thal’s Visions/Strained Supplies.
  2. On your mount leave Shattrath and head for Auchindoun.
  3. Turn in the Auchindoun quests from Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, and Sethekk Halls.
  4. On your mount leave Auchindoun and head for Stonebreaker Hold (Horde) or Allerian Stronghold (Alliance).
  5. Take a flight to Thrallmar (Horde) or Honor Hold (Alliance).
  6. Use the Ominous Letter to get the quest Dark Tidings. You will not be doing the follow-up quest, The Blood is Life.
  7. Turn in all Thrallmar/Honor Hold quests.
  8. Take a flight to Temple of Telhamat (Alliance) or Falcon Watch (Horde).
  9. On your mount head for Cenarion Refuge.
  10. Use the Orders from Lady Vashj to get the quest of the same name.
  11. Pick up and immediately complete Plants of Zangarmarsh if you opted to save that quest.
  12. Turn in Orders from Lady Vashj and then pick up and immediately complete Preparing for War.
  13. On your mount head for Sepertshrine Cavern. Use the swim speed potion if you like.
  14. Turn in Lost in Action and The Warlord’s Hideout.
  15. If your hearth is off cooldown then hearth to Shattrath. Otherwise, do a Budget Hearth using a friend.
  16. Take a portal from Shattrath to head to the Northrend boat/zeppelin you wish to take:
    • Borean Tundra = Stormwind for Alliance, Ogrimmar for Horde.
    • Howling Fjord = Ironforge (then fly to Menethil Harbor) for Alliance, Undercity for Horde.

Total XP Gained

The maximum possible amount of XP from these TBC quests to save on your death knight for WotLK Classic is 783,950 XP.

  • You’ll be just over 50% of the way to level 71 (1,539,600 XP required)
  • Equal to over 31 early Northrend quests (25,000 XP per quest on average, ~2 hours on beta)
  • Equal to 9 runs through Utgarde Keep (~88,000 XP for a full clear, 2.5+ hours on beta)
  • Horde and Scryers-aligned players will see a little less XP
  • Going for Aldor/Scryers and Cenarion Expedition rep before WotLK Classic launch will cost you ~5% of the total XP
  • Skipping the Netherwing races will cost you ~11.6% of the total XP
  • Not doing the Isle of Quel’Danas daily quests on launch day will cost you ~15% of the total XP

The biggest bottleneck will be the Netherwing races. Everything else can easily get done in ~90 minutes (allowing for 45 minutes to do the Isle of Quel’Danas daily quests). Give yourself up to 15-20 minutes to complete the races. At that rate, you’re still ahead of the curve even if you skip some of the races due to time.

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