Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 Attunement

TBC Classic Phase 2 Attunement

The new raids in the Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 require their own attunement to be completed before you and your guild can enter. But you can complete those attunements now, and they aren’t too difficult provided your raid team is clearing all Phase 1 content.

TBC Classic Phase 2 Attunement

Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement | Tempest Keep Attunement | Champion of Naaru

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Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 Attunement – Serpentshrine Cavern

Serpentshrine Cavern Loading Screen

Serpentshrine Cavern Loading Screen

You can attune to Serpentshrine Cavern now, provided your guild can kill Nightbane in Karazhan and Gruul. In which case this is one of the easier raid attunements in TBC Classic.

  1. Enter heroic Slave Pens and don’t do the bridge skip.
  2. After you drop down into the water head to the left. Skar’this the Heretic is in a cage and offers a quest.
  3. Accept and immediately complete the first quest, then get a second requiring you to loot items from Nightbane and Gruul.
  4. Loot those bosses at your next opportunity, then go back into heroic Slave Pens to turn in.

Grats, you’re now ready for SSC ahead of schedule.

SSC Attunement Tips

  • Tell your heroic Slave Pens party you need to pick up or turn in the quest at the start. It sets expectations and avoids issues at the bridge when some people want to jump.
  • You can still skip from trash packs in heroic Slave Pens and get to the quest NPC. After jumping into the water get onto the wall to the far left. With good timing, you can skip all patrols in that room. Worse case you only need to kill one pack, no need to clear the room.
  • Draenei and Tauren players need to stand directly in front of Skar’this in order to reach him to click.
  • The quests are sharable, but the initial quest essentially prevents you from sharing the quest chain without the other player going into heroic Slave Pens.
  • Be sure to right-click and loot both Nightbane and Gruul yourself to pick up the needed quest items. Also, make sure both items are in your bags when you go back into heroic Slave Pens.
  • You might be able to use a cleared heroic Slave Pens to pick up or turn in the quest. Making the attempt will use up your heroic Slave Pens lockout for the day. I have also seen the effort fail, as some trash packs are respawned. Best to go with a full group on a normal run.

If you are having problems killing Nightbane or Gruul the task will become easier in Phase 2, as all Tier 4 raid bosses will switch to their post-nerf state. This reduced both their damage output and total health.

TBC Classic Phase 2 Attunement – Tempest Keep (The Eye)

Eye Loading Screen

Eye Loading Screen

Unlike SSC, Tempest Keep attunement involves a long quest chain. There are soloable, open-world sections as well as moderately difficult heroic dungeon achievements. Culminating in a Magtheridon kill.

I recommend two guides for progressing through the entire chain.

Wowpedia – The Tempest Key

Attune – In-game addon

The quest chain up through The Cipher of Damnation requires no more than yourself and a random group of players at specific points. There should be no difficulty getting through the quests aside from time. The Trials of Naaru are where you’ll need good runs into specific heroic dungeons.

Trial of the Naaru: Mercy

  • The 55-minute countdown doesn’t begin until you leave the second boss’ room. That is a lot of time, so there is no need to rush. Continue the controlled pulls and crowd control that got you through the first part of the instance.
  • You can wipe and run back without issue, other than taking up time.
  • One group of players can clear the instance through to the last boss, then swap out up to four other players to kill the Executioner and receive the quest item. A useful strategy for guilds trying to run a lot of members through the quest. Or to sell as a service.

Trial of the Naaru: Strength

  • Simple run through heroic Steamvaults and heroic Shadow Labyrinth and loot the final bosses. No time limits or special requirements.
  • Bring some crowd control classes with you and take your time with pulls in the crowded areas. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity

  • The one most likely to get you stuck, though it isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be.
  • If your group is having problems with the first boss you can skip him. That said, it shouldn’t be a problem with a decently geared healer and players who move out of void zones. If you can help off heal then do so.
  • Tell the group you’re on this quest and ask the healer to keep an eye on Millhouse. Anyone with healing spells can set Millhouse as their focus (right-click on his portrait for the menu).
  • Priests can buff Millhouse with shadow protection, which helps with the mind flays.
  • Top off Millhouse as needed, then go back to the fight. The faster the boss dies the better.
  • You can deliberately wipe and try again if Millhouse dies. But make sure you have the party’s consent, first.

Once all three trials are complete you’ll need to kill Magtheridon. Again, remember to loot the boss’ body yourself to receive the needed quest item.

If you are having problems killing Magtheridon the task will become easier in Phase 2, as all Tier 4 raid bosses will switch to their post-nerf state. This reduced both their damage output and total health.

Grats, you’re now ready for Tempest Keep as soon as Phase 2 arrives.

Save the Amulet of the Torn-Heart and Phoenix-Fire Band rewards given during the quest chain. Especially tanks and warlocks. They are big parts of fire resistance sets used in SSC and Black Temple.

Champion of the Naaru



Completing both attunements will grant you the title “Champion of the Naaru.” Display it shows you have successfully cleared all TBC Classic Phase 1 content.

If Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon is your final turn in and Shattrath is crowd then give the game a few minutes. You’ll receive a notification after turning in the quest, taking anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

If The Cudgel of Kar’desh (heroic Slave Pens) is your final turn in then you’ll need to return to Shattrath and wait a few minutes for the title to become available.