First 12 Things To Mail Your Draenei Shaman

First 12 Things To Mail Your Draenei Shaman

Veteran players of WoW Classic know the value in giving new alts a head start with the resources your main character can provide. Brand new characters can certainly get by on their own. But helping a new character can really speed up and smooth out the level process. Especially in the early levels where you are missing gold, bags, and decent gear. Here is a list of the first 12 things you should mail your Draenei shaman to speed up their early leveling progress.

First 12 Things To Mail Your Draenei Shaman

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Where To Pick Up Mail

I ran through the Dranei starting area on the PTR and come up with general guidelines on when and where to upgrade a new shaman without much extra running around. You could head straight to the Exodar, put everything into the bank, and then run back to start questing. Or you can start with less and go with the flow. I’m focusing on the latter.

Draenei Shaman Mail

Azure Watch – Level 6

Azure Watch has the nearest mailbox to where new Dranei start. If you do the initial series of quests you’ll arrive in Azure Watch after an hour and around level 6. That hour is just enough time for mail to be sent between characters.

Update – Blizzard has confirmed that in-game mail should be instant between your own characters starting with the pre-patch. It wasn’t on the PTR or TBC Classic beta, but the issue is being addressed now.

On Pre-Patch Day:

  1. Create your new shaman, but don’t log in yet.
  2. Log into your other character holding items for your shaman.
  3. Mail everything to your shaman.
  4. Log on to your shaman and play. Mail should arrive around the same time you do.

The Exodar – Level 12

You get a breadcrumb quest to this closer to level 10, but you shouldn’t complete it until you’ve finished everything else in and around Azure Watch. By then you should be around level 12. This is a perfect time to switch from maces to daggers and set up your bank.

Leaving the Draenei Starting Area – Level 19-20

The Draenei starting area should carry you up to level 20. From there you’ll enter Classic Azeroth to continue leveling. I recommend heading to the Eastern Kingdoms, as the only shaman trainer in original Azeroth is in Stormwind (by the water to the left when you enter the city).

Shaman trainer in Stormwind

Shaman trainer in Stormwind location

At this point, you can get settled in more. If you didn’t already, send the rest of your gear and items to your shaman and get everything organized in your bags and bank. If you have materials you can work on professions up to 225 skill. Head to Ironforge to train in axes for later.

Item 1 – New Weapon with Fiery Weapon Enchant

All new shaman do a lot of melee in the starting area, so a weapon upgrade is the single best thing you can do to improve your damage.

My Recommendation

Priest’s Mace with Fiery Weapon enchant

An easy-to-find weapon on the auction house, usable within a level of arriving at Azure Watch, and the enchant proc does major damage to low-level enemies. Draenei shaman are already trained on one-handed maces, so no need to run to the Exodar early.

Other Weapon Options

Frostmane Scepter – Level 6 Mace

  • Lowest level mace available
  • No need to train in the Exodar
  • Rare, may not be available in time

Carving Knife – Level 6 Dagger

  • Common option among the lowest level green daggers
  • Options with +strength or +attack power
  • Will need to train daggers in the Exodar first

Skinning Knife Option

Some players suggest putting Fiery Weapon enchant on a skinning knife. That is usable at any level without training and offers good results early on. And as it stays BoE, can be shared among alts. The downside is there is no weapon skill involved. That hurts your chance to hit, plus you’ll need to catch up on the training later.

Item 2 – New Shield

Since you’re using a one-handed weapon you should also wear a shield on your off-hand. It’ll add stats and reduce damage. Both of which will improve your uptime.

My Recommendation

Gypsy Buckler or War Torn Shield

Both are level 7 to match my mace, with an assortment of stats available. The ideal stats are Tiger or Bear, but other options also work.

Other Shield Options

Infantry Shield – Level 6

  • Better option if you have a level 6 weapon upgrade available

Shield Enchants & Spikes

You can opt to enhance your shield with an enchant or spike. There are benefits to either, it just depends on how you feel about the cost.

Thorium Shield Spike

  • Causes 20-30 damage when you block, making short work of low-level mobs
  • Most expensive mats

Mithril Shield Spike

  • Causes 16-20 damage when you block
  • Less expensive mats, but also less damage output

Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina

  • Adds 70 health
  • Material cost likely cheaper than spikes

Enchant Shield – Stamina

  • Adds 50 health
  • Cheaper mats

Item 3 – Boots with Minor Speed Enchant

The new Draenei starter zones are more linear than Classic zones, and overall you’re covering less area for your first 20 levels. But it is still a lot of running. Enchant boots will speed that up by 8% for a small investment.

My Recommendation

Rough Leather Boots with Enchant Boots – Minor Speed

  • Level 5 boots, so good to go once you arrive at Azure Watch
  • Available from lots of vendors, including armor shop near the Stormwind auction house
  • Any enchanter with 225+ skill should be able to do the enchant

Items 4 & 5 – Healing Potions

Deaths will really slow you down, and shaman don’t have any instant heals available at low levels. You do get a few Minor Healing Potions while questing, but having something more potent really helps out in bad situations.

My Recommendation

Items 6, 7 & 8 – Wool Cloth

At level 12, about when you should be heading to the Exodar, you can turn in 60 Wool Cloth for both rep and XP. Find Dugiru inside the Exodar for the quest.

If you’re sending more than the first few things in the mail to your Draenei shaman these can be included with an Exodar related package.

Items 9, 10, 11 & 12 – Bags

You’ll want bag upgrades on your fresh Draenei shaman to carry everything above, plus all the loot you’ll get questing. Having lots of bag space means you can stay out longer without having to head back to town. It also makes organizing your stuff easier.

My Recommendation

Mooncloth Bag x4

These 16-slot bags will last you all the way to level 70 and are a much better value per slot than 18-slot bags. Unless until the new Outland 18-slot bags go down in price after a few weeks. The cooldown timer for creating Mooncloth goes away in pre-patch, so the cost of these bags should drop if you want to wait.

Alternatively, go with Runecloth Bag x4. They are a better value per slot, making them a good option for players with little gold.

Extra – Gold

In addition to the above first things to mail to you Draenei shaman, you should also include some gold.

My Recommendation

1000 gold

That should last them through level 60, including buying an epic ground mount (you’ll earn back a lot of what you initially spend). If you also plan to buy all bank bag slots then up it to 1111 gold.

If you’re on a higher budget you can drop down to 100 gold. That still removed all money stresses at lower levels. Though you may need a bit more by level 30 for the early ground mount.

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More Items To Consider Putting In the Mail To Your Draenei Shaman

The above are the first things to mail to your Draenei shaman. But you don’t have to stop there. Below are more items worth considering for your first 20 levels.

Level 12+ Weapon Upgrade

By the time you arrive at the Exodar, you’ll be due a weapon upgrade. And you can then train daggers without going too far out of your way.

My Recommendation: War Knife with Fiery Weapon enchant

Easy to find on the auction house. Go for the Strength or Power variants if available. Add the same Fiery Weapon enchant to make it last longer.

Level 12+ Shield Upgrade

With a new weapon, you might as well get a new shield.

My Recommendation: Soldier’s Shield

Go with the Tiger, Bear, or Strength variants if available. If you added a spike or enchant to your other shield consider doing the same here.

Cloth for First Aid Training & Bandages

Professional trainers are all over Azure Watch, but First Aid is the most helpful profession early on.

First Aid to 150

  • Linen Cloth x170
  • Wool Cloth x180

Keep the Heavy Wool Bandages you use while leveling.

Swiftness Potions

Even with Azuremyst Isle being one of the better starting areas there are still a few long runs involved while questing. Most notable whenever you get sent to Silvermyst Isle in the southwest or Bloodmyst Isle to the north.

My Recommendation: Swiftness Potion x5