TBC Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch

TBC Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch

A long-running strategy for leveling quickly in a new WoW expansion has been to complete and hoard quests to turn in on launch day. That allows for a big burst in XP for a relatively short among of time spent running around the now previous content and turning in completed quests. You’re a little later getting to the new content, but you’re closer to hitting your first new level. Here you’ll find lists of TBC quests to save and turn in after the WotLK Classic launch.

TBC Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch

This particular list focuses on daily quests. This is a strategy all level 70 characters can follow and doesn’t take a lot of time. I have an alternative list made for fresh level 70 death knights (and any other fresh level 70 characters). It features a lot more quest options with twice as much XP potential. But you’ll need to have a number of specific quests available and it’ll take more time to both prepare and run through on launch day.

TBC Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch – Death Knights

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Recommended 25 Daily Quests To Save for WotLK Classic Launch

These recommendations are based on two factors: XP awarded and density of quest turn-ins. While we want as much XP as possible we also want to minimize how much we need to run around doing the turn-ins. After all, there is good XP to be had from quests and dungeons in Northrend to do.

Isle of Quel’Danas Dailies = 170,800 XP

Isle of Quel'Danas quest map

Isle of Quel’Danas quest map

  1. Ata’mal Armaments = 15,800 XP
  2. Rediscovering Your Roots = 15,800 XP
  3. Crush the Dawnblade = 12,650 XP
  4. Disrupt the Greengill Coast = 12,650 XP
  5. Don’t Stop Now = 12,650 XP
  6. Intercept the Reinforcements = 12,650 XP
  7. Keeping the Enemy at Bay = 12,650 XP
  8. Know Your Ley Lines = 12,650 XP
  9. Open for Business = 12,650 XP
  10. The Air Strikes Must Continue = 9500 XP
  11. Arm the Wards = 9500 XP
  12. The Battle Must Go On = 9500 XP
  13. Further Conversions = 9500 XP

Shattrath Dailies = 64,800 XP

  1. Heroic dungeon daily = 19,000 XP
  2. Dungeon daily = 12,650 XP
  3. Cooking daily = 12,650 XP

Also, pick two of these three daily quests. If you can’t do the Netherwing daily quests listed below then do all three.

  1. The Multiphase Survey = 9500 XP
  2. Sunfury Attack Plans = 9500 XP
  3. Maintaining the Sunwell Portal = 9500 XP

You should also get Dampscale Basilisk Eye x8 if Aldor or Dreadfang Venom Sac x8 if Scryers. You’ll be able to turn these in for XP, but don’t accept the quests before WotLK Classic launches.

Netherwing Dailies = 91,700 XP

Netherwing quest map

Netherwing quest map

To access Netherwing daily quests you need to complete a quest series to gain neutral standing. To access all of the quests below you also need to reach honored standing, which will take you 4 days of doing all available daily quests.

  1. Picking Up the Pieces = 15,800 (friendly)
  2. A Slow Death = 12,650 (neutral)
  3. Netherwing Crystals = 12,650 (neutral)
  4. The Not-So-Friendly-Skies = 12,650 (neutral)
  5. Dragons Are the Least of Our Problems = 12,650 (friendly)
  6. The Booterang = 12,650 (friendly)
  7. Disrupting the Twilight Portal = 12,650 (honored)

Optionally you can earn friendly standing (only requires 2 days of doing dailies) and pick up a second of the optional Shattrath dailies above instead of doing the one honored daily. But you will earn less XP.

Turn In Order

Follow these steps in this order to minimize your time turning in quests, allowing you to get into Northrend faster.

The Day Before WotLK Classic Launch

  1. Set your hearthstone to Shattrath.
  2. Log out in the middle of the Netherwing quest hub.

On WotLK Classic Launch Day

Netherwing quest hub

Netherwing quest hub

  1. Turn in all Netherwing quests.
  2. Optional: If you only got to be honored with Netherwing for this project then you can do the racing quests for more XP. This will take time and if other players are also doing the races you may have to wait for your turn. But completing all of the races will net you an additional 91,700 XP.
  3. Hearth to Shattrath and turn in all Shattrath quests.
  4. Also start and immediately complete Voren’thal’s Visions (Aldor) or Strained Supplies (Scryers). Note that completing these quests will cost you ~300 rep with your primary faction.
  5. Take the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas.
  6. Turn in all Isle of Quel’Danas quests. Your quest log should now be empty.
  7. Use the Darnarian’s Scroll of Teleportation you received from turning in Know Your Ley Lines. It will send you back to Shattrath.
  8. Take a portal from Shattrath to head to the Northrend boat/zeppelin you wish to take:
    • Borean Tundra = Stormwind for Alliance, Ogrimmar for Horde.
    • Howling Fjord = Ironforge (then fly to Menethil Harbor) for Alliance, Undercity for Horde.

Total XP Gained

Doing all 25 daily quests listed above will earn you 327,300 XP at the start of the WotLK Classic. That will get you 21% of the way to level 71. Nothing game-breaking, but a good jump start for what is about half an hour of effort on launch day.

Scryers-aligned players will earn 250 less XP.

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