Frost Resistance for Naxxramas In WotLK

Frost Resistance for Naxxramas In WotLK

Veterans of Naxxramas in WoW Classic will be relieved to know that having a frost resistance set for Naxxramas in WotLK Classic isn’t a requirement. The fight with Sapphiron still puts out frost damage, and the entire raid will be affected by Frost Aura. But the damage isn’t as bad for players in the second version of Naxxramas, and her other frost-damaging mechanics can be mostly avoided. This guide will go over what little frost resistance for Naxxramas Classic you’ll actually want.

Frost Resistance for Naxxramas In WotLK

Frost Resistance Gear Should Not Be Needed

For most raiding guilds frost resistance gear should not be needed to get past Sapphiron. The guilds that will need some frost resistance gear will be running 25-player Naxxramas, have under-performing healers, and likely DPS who can’t avoid mechanics.

10-player Sapphiron

No frost resistance gear should be required in the 10-player version of the fight. Like all 10-player boss fights, the total damage output is less overall, including Frost Aura and other mechanics.

25-Player Sapphiron

The starting position for your guild should again be no frost resistance gear required. That said the 25-player version does more damage, with more curses going out and an extra Ice Bolt over the 10-player version. If your healers have been struggling with boss fight up to Sapphiron then some frost resistance gear should be considered. Likewise, if your DPS simply can’t learn to avoid mechanics then frost resistance gear will help, though you’ll continue to have problems with that for the rest of the expansion.

130 Frost Resistance from Class Buffs

Paladins and shamans both offer a 130 frost resistance buff. A single paladin or shaman can cover the entire raid in WotLK Classic, so bonlying at least one and only have one person assigned to provide their resistance buff.

Paladin – Frost Resistance Aura (Rank 5): Gives 130 additional Frost resistance to all party and raid members within 40 yards.

Shaman – Frost Resistance Totem (Rank 6): The totem increases party and raid members’ frost resistance by 130, if within 30 yards.

Further Evidence Blizzard Didn’t Expect You To Need Frost Resistance Gear

The Hundred Club – There is an achievement to defeat Sapphiron with everyone in the raid having 100 frost resistance or less.

No Frost Potion Cauldrons – There is a new frost protection potion in WotLK, but there are no elemental protection potion cauldrons like we had in TBC Classic. And remember potions can now only be used once during combat (twice if you pre-pot before combat).

Resistance Cap Change – The resistance formula was changed and resistance cap in WotLK Classic is now unreachable. To hit maximum resistance against a level 83 boss you need 1530 resistance. Even then your damage reduction is limited to 75%, just as it is for armor.

Frost Resistance Gear Was Updated for WotLK

Blizzard did update the original Naxxramas frost resistance gear for level 80 in WotLK. The original 8-piece sets are now 3-piece sets. The updated armor also offers gem slots, so in addition to heavy stamina and frost resistance, you can have damage or healing stats, too.

Cloth Armor

Leather Armor

Mail Armor

Plate Armor


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