What To Do First At Level 80

What To Do First At Level 80

Congrats, you’ve reached level 80 in WotLK Classic! Now as some would say, it’s time to play the game. Hitting max level in a new expansion can seem daunting with the number of options available to you. This guide on what to do first at level 80 will go over the options you should consider focusing on immediately if you plan raid.

What To Do First At Level 80

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Put Together Your Pre-Raid Best in Slot List

Before we know what to do first at level 80 we need to know what the goals are. Part of that is going after some of the better gear you can get outside raids. While no one needs to be in full pre-raid BiS to walk into Naxxramas the better your gear, the better and smoother the raid will go.

Wowhead BiS Guides – Wowhead offers straightforward and well-put-together guides. It is the easiest and fastest way to look up this list of gear options. But not every class/spec guide is as accurate as it could be, so if you want perfection consider having other sources, too.

Class Discords – These tend to offer the best, most up-to-date information on what ly best in-game. But you’ll need to go through pinned messages or do a search and filter out some junk posts. Half the time they’ll just redirect you to a Wowhead guide.

You don’t need the top item in every slot. Anything listed as optional or second best is more than good enough. Anything from Emblems of Heroism, professions, and reputations are guaranteed rewards for your efforts compared to random heroic dungeon loot. If you prefer more solo play there’s nothing wrong with going with those options.

Head Enchant

Using the guides above look up your BiS head enchant and which faction sells it. That should be one of the first factions you focus on leveling up with.

1. If you didn’t while leveling, complete enough of their quests to reach friendly standing.
2. Buy their tabard and wear it in high-level and heroic dungeons. You’ll earn reputation with the faction.
3. Do any remaining quests and dailies they offer.

Wowhead Faction Guides

Shoulder Enchant

If you have inscription on your raid main you can skip this and just make sure your profession is skilled up. For everyone else, you need to unlock the Sons of Hodir faction and then get up to exalted with them for your BiS shoulder enchant.

1. Go to K3 in Storm Peaks and pick up the quest They Took Our Men! You can do this as early as level 77.
2. Follow that quest chain until it seems to end with Thorim and you get the message that you are now hated by Sons of Hodir.
3. During your previous quest chain run you should have received Slag Covered Metal from one of the giants. This will start the next quest chain, which ends with you being friendly with the Sons of Hodir.
4. Complete Sons of Hodir dailies as well as any remaining quests to earn rep.
5. You can also turn in 10 Relic of Ulduar for 500 reputation and 1 Everfrost Chip for 350 reputation.

Wowhead Sons of Hodir Guide

Work On Pre-Raid BIS

From your list of pre-raid gear pick a few and work on those. Once your BiS head enchant is unlocked it is time to switch tabards. Go with the faction with the most gear rewards you could use at exalted.

You may well be running Naxxramas alongside this process, so of course, any Naxx loot you get means one less slot to worry about.

If you like PvP that can offer you some options for some slots you’re having trouble filling. Running Wintergrasp every 3 hours is a solid honor farm.

Skill Up Professions

Most professions offer a significant boost which helps with raiding. Skill up your professions, unlock the boosting items, and then create them.

  • Blacksmithing – Extra gem sockets (fill with rare gems)
  • Enchanting – Ring enchants
  • Engineering – Haste enchant for hands, bombs
  • Inscription – Shoulder enchant
  • Jewelcrafting – Up to 3 Dragon’s Eye gems
  • Leatherworking – Wrist enchant
  • Tailoring – Cloak enchant

WotLK Classic Profession Leveling Guide | Professions.gg

Gather Consumables

All raids will want to have a food buff, flasks, and potions for raids. Many guilds will provide a Fish Feast, which is good enough for all classes. You’ll want to have 1 flask per hour of raiding planned and at least 2 potions per boss.

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