AQ40 Loot Guide

AQ40 Loot Guide

AQ40 offers a lot of new loot. From rep rewards, to new class armor, weapons, and more. Check out this AQ40 loot guide to see everything the 40-man raid has to offer.

AQ20 Loot Guide

AQ20 Loot Guide

AQ20 offers catch up loot in WoW Classic. And a few things the most hardcore raider will want. Check out this AQ20 loot guide to see everything offered.

The 10 Hour War

10 Hour War

The 10 Hour War is a special world event tied to the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. See what will be happening, and in which zones, once the gong has been rung.

Best Rogue Enchants for Phase 5

Best Rogue Enchants Phase 5

Check out the best enchants for sword and dagger rogues. Includes new cloak and gloves enchants from Phase 5. Just in time for your new AQ loot.

Phase 5 Profession Updates

Phase 5 Professions

Many new profession recipes are introduced in Phase 5. Even if you don’t use professions there are new consumables, enchants, gear, and bags which may be of interest.