TBC Classic Gold

TBC Classic Gold

Learn about several different approaches to the question of how to make gold in TBC Classic. From farming and professions to GDKPs and more.

TBC Classic Gold – Professions

TBC Classic Gold Professions

A guide going over which professions are best for making gold in TBC Classic. And what items you should focus on crafting for profit.

TBC Classic Phase 4 Launch Guide

TBC Classic Phase 4

This TBC Classic Phase 4 launch guide will prepare you for the release of new content next week, including on which days and to look out for.

Zul’Aman Starter Guide

Zul'Aman Starter Guide

This Zul’Aman starter guide goes over the basics of the new 10-man raid. Includes getting to ZA and the event behind the Amani War Bear.