The 10 Hour War

10 Hour War

The 10 Hour War is a special world event tied to the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. See what will be happening, and in which zones, once the gong has been rung.

Best Rogue Enchants for Phase 5

Best Rogue Enchants Phase 5

Check out the best enchants for sword and dagger rogues. Includes new cloak and gloves enchants from Phase 5. Just in time for your new AQ loot.

Phase 5 Profession Updates

Phase 5 Professions

Many new profession recipes are introduced in Phase 5. Even if you don’t use professions there are new consumables, enchants, gear, and bags which may be of interest.

Phase 5 Dungeon Loot Revamp

Phase 5 Dungeon Loot Revamp

In Phase 5 we will also see a revamp of dungeon loot. New items will be added, including relics. As well as some items being moved from one boss to another.

Onyxia’s Bakery Scarab Lord Guide

Gates of AQ

Details on the Scarab Lord quest line and event. Join us as we make a guild wide push to get a Scarab Lord among our ranks.

Rogue Notes for AQ40

Rogue Notes for AQ40

Notes and tips for rogues going into AQ40 for the first time. See what items you should bring. And what strategies you might be a part of for your raid team.

Rogue Darkmantle Armor

Darkmantle Featured

Phase 5 introduces the Dungeon Set 2. And rogues have the most raid viable set of any class. Get details on how good the Darkmantle set is. And how you can get your own.

Viscidus for Melee and Hunters

Viscidus for Melee and Hunters

Melee and hunters can get in on the Viscidus fight during phase 1. Provided they come prepared. Learn how to get a frost damaging weapon and not sit around twiddling your thumbs.

Warlock Shadow Resistance for AQ40

Warlock Shadow Resistance

Details and recommendations on getting your warlock setup with shadow resistance. Needed if you’ll be one of your guild’s warlock tanks for the Twin Emperor fight in AQ40.

Nature Resistance Gear for AQ40

Nature Resistance Gear for AQ40

Details and recommendations on putting together a nature resistance set for AQ40. Considered necessary for all melee DPS and hunters.