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Phase 5 Profession Updates

Phase 5 Professions

Many new professional recipes are introduced in Phase 5. Even if you don’t use professions there are new consumables, enchants, gear, and bags which may be of interest.

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Elixir of Greater Firepower

Transmute Elemental Fire


Heavy Obsidian Belt

Light Obsidian Belt

Jagged Obsidian Shield

Obsidian Mail Tunic

Black Grasp of the Destroyer

Thick Obsidian Breastplate

Titanic Leggings – Armorsmith

Persuader – Hammersmith

Sageblade – Swordsmith


Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops


Weapon Enchant

Enchant 2H Weapon – Agility

Cloak Enchants

Enchant Cloak – Dodge

Enchant Cloak – Greater Fire Resistance

Enchant Cloak – Greater Nature Resistance

Enchant Cloak – Stealth

Enchant Cloak – Subtlety

Glove Enchants

Enchant Gloves – Fire Power

Enchant Gloves – Frost Power

Enchant Gloves – Healing Power

Enchant Gloves – Shadow Power

Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility

Enchant Gloves – Threat

Weapon Oils

Brilliant Mana Oil

Brilliant Wizard Oil

There are also lesser and minor versions of mana and wizard oils. But the brilliant ones are what most raiders will be after.

Nexus Crystals

Nexus Crystals also arrive with Phase 5. They are used for all the new glove and cloak enchants and will initially be in high demand. In Phase 6 they will also be required for Naxx related items.

Nexus Crystals come from disenchanting blue or epic items level 51 or higher:

There is debate about whether epics saved from before Phase 5 will turn into Nexus Crystals or not. Two theories dominate, neither has strong evidence to make it the clear winner.

  1. Epics from after Phase 5’s launch are coded in such a way to allow them to become Nexus Crystals. This means saved epics from pre-Phase 5 will still turn into Large Brilliant Shards. Under this scenario Nexus, Crystals will be more rare and expensive. While Large Brilliant Shards will significantly come down in price, at least short term.
  2. All epics can turn into Nexus Crystals, regardless of creation. Under this scenario Nexus Crystals will be less rare, maybe even plentiful. As guilds have been saving unwanted epics in hope of this situation. Large Brilliant Shard market may be stable, depending on how much players stockpiled. Long term Large Brilliant Shards will go up in price.


Stormshroud Gloves


Big Bag of Enchantment

Cenarion Herb Bag

Enchanted Runecloth Bag

Satchel of Cenarius

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