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Frost Resistance Gear for Naxxramas

Frost resistance gear for Naxxramas is mostly used during the Sapphiron fight. Sapphiron has Frost Aura, a DoT to everyone within 100 yards. As well as several other frost AoE abilities inflicting damage. Making it a healing intensive fight. Frost resistance gear across the entire raid reduces incoming damage. And makes things much more manageable for your healers.

How Much Frost Resistance? | Cloth Armor | Leather Armor | Mail Armor | Plate Armor

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Frost resistance pieces require Frozen Runes. Those are found inside Naxxramas as clickable nodes. Expect your guild to collect and distribute these. They will be an initial bottleneck to getting enough frost resistance gear made. But Sapphiron is one of the last bosses in a large raid instance, so you’ll have some time. Check out Farming Frozen Runes if you want to try to speed up the process.

Also check out the Tier 3 Armor Guide for NaxxramasConsumables for Naxxramas, and the Naxxramas Loot Guide.

Want to hit the frost resistance cap just for the fun of it?

How Much Frost Resistance Is Needed?

Recommendations vary, and it’ll depend on how much DPS and/or healing your raid group can put out. As well as your class and role in the raid. We likely won’t have definitive numbers until after Phase 6 launches. Naxxramas may not be in the public test realm (AQ40 wasn’t before Phase 5). All other sources of data are either fragments from vanilla, where few players actually made it that far before the TBC pre-patch. Or from private servers, which are notorious for having different numbers.

0-100 Frost Resistance

The main tank on the fight may have better survivability using their regular mitigation gear over frost resistance. This is the case on private servers, but the bosses hit harder there than in Classic.

Healers in a typical guild may also fall into this range. There’s a point where giving up +healing and mana isn’t worth the protection.

Higher performing guilds will likely get away with little to no frost resistance gear. Overcoming the fight with high DPS and/or healing output. That was the case with Princess Huhuran in AQ40. If your guild downed her easily without resistance gear then you may not need frost resistance gear for Sapphiron. But if it turns out you do need it prices for the needed material may be higher in Phase 6.

100-150 Frost Resistance

Casters can avoid some of the frost damage and need mana for decursing. So they may do well with less frost resistance gear.

Guilds running in more Naxx gear may also be able to step down to this level later on.

200-250 Frost Resistance

Melee and off tanks from most guilds will want as much frost resistance as they can get. Getting to 200 frost resistance (unbuffed) is easy enough with the crafted gear and quest rewards offered inside Naxx.

My guild opted for 200 frost resistance for all raiders. The materials needed for the gear aren’t a big deal if you plan. Worst case it makes our first few clears easier, as nature resistance gear did in AQ40.

Cloth Frost Resistance Gear for Casters & Healers

No one can escape Frost Aura damage. Its range is three times your own casting range. Worst case you’ll be over-prepared, making the fight easier.

Suggested Cloth Frost Resistance Gear

Glacial Regalia | Source: Wowhead

Total Materials To Gather

Leather Frost Resistance Gear for Rogues & Feral Druids

Melee will be in the thick of the fight. And have the least amount of time and space to dodge incoming AoE damage.

Suggested Leather Frost Resistance Set

Polar Armor | Source: Wowhead

Total Materials To Gather

Mail Frost Resistance Gear for Hunters & Shaman

Melee shaman will obviously be in the thick of things. But even range classes and specs cannot escape Frost Aura damage. Its range is three times your own. Worst case you’ll be over-prepared, making the fight easier. Resto and elemental shaman may want to look at the cloth set above instead.

Suggested Mail Frost Resistance Set

Icy Scale Mail | Source: Wowhead

Total Materials To Gather

Plate Frost Resistance Gear for Warriors & Paladins

Tanks will want to stick with the Icebane (plate) set. DPS will want to pick and choose between Polar (leather, agility), Icy Scale (mail, AP or agility), and Icebane (plate, strength/defense) pieces. Paladin healers should consider the cloth set above.

Suggested Plate Frost Resistance Set

Icebane Plate | Source: Wowhead

Total Materials To Gather (Icebane plate set)

These are for the Icebane (plate) set. DPS can reference the leather or mail materials for other options. It is recommended you put together your own ideal set and list of materials.

Cost of Materials

Phase 6 and Naxxramas are expected to be released in December 2020 or January 2021. The sooner you get started gathering your materials the better off you’ll be. At some point during Phase 5, the need to prep for Naxxramas will click with a lot of players. Prices for the above items will start to go up. Arcanite especially could become prohibitively expensive.

Naxx Armor Cost Estimator – Copy this Google Sheets to your own Google account. Then enter material prices from your server’s auction house. It’ll give you an estimate of total material costs for all classes.

When In Doubt, Run Scholomance – If every other form of gold farming fails for you then run Scholomance as much as possible. It is the most profitable 5-man dungeon for a group to run. Plus you get Argent Dawn rep (lowering the cost of Naxx attunement). Run with guildmates and put Dark Runes on round-robin (all need first drop, winners, pass on future drops until everyone has one, then repeat).


For your guild to have access to all the frost resistance gear recipes you’ll need a tailor, leatherworker, and blacksmith who are Exalted with Argent Dawn.

  1. Enter Naxxramas as a raid group and head into the Military Quarter.
  2. In the first room with the cages, you’ll come across Master Craftsman Omarion.
  3. Speak to him and he’ll offer everyone Omarion’s Handbook, which starts a quest of the same name. Turn it in at Light’s Hope Chapel and that unlocks the ability to get frost resistance gear from an NPC. But you don’t want to do that, they require the same mats and hundreds of gold, too.
  4. After turning in the book (?) tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths can speak to Omarion again to learn frost resistance recipes. You need 300 professional skills and Exalted with AD rep to learn them all.

If you’re a tailor, leatherworker, or blacksmith interested in crafting frost resistance gear those recipes are tied to Argent Dawn and Hydraxian Waterlords rep.

Guilds should make sure they have at least one of each crafter with the necessary rep to make frost resistance gear for Naxxramas before Phase 6 arrives. Scholomance and Undead Strat are great sources for rep and bring in decent money to everyone helping out.

Non-crafters who are Exalted with AD can get an NPC to craft the gear for them. But besides needing the same materials they will also charge you hundreds of gold. Save your money and a guild crafter instead.

Even More Frost Resistance for Naxxramas

If you need even more frost resistance gear for Naxxramas you’ll need to dig deeper.

Naxx Drops – These items drop from Naxx bosses and offer frost resistance. They fill slots not covered by the crafted and quested resistance gear highlighted above. Adding to your total frost resistance. They can also make for a better combination of resistance and performance gear. But you shouldn’t count on having them, given their low drop rate and high demand.

See the Naxxramas Loot Guide for all gear drops.

Ice Guard – I recommend you apply one to your frost resistance legs. You can also apply one to your Tier 2 helm. Chances are you aren’t wearing it regularly, so replacing a superior enchant shouldn’t be a big deal.

Additional Frost Resistance Gear – These frost resistance items are available in-game right now, before Phase 6. If they fit a slot not covered by an epic piece then that is a frost resistance gain. You might also get a better min/max result with some of these pieces, aiming for 200 frost resistance total.

Bitt’s Frost Resistance Set for Naxxramas

This is the frost resistance gear I’m planning to start with for Naxxramas.

Minimum Set – 200 Frost Resistance

This may change, depending on what gear I come out of AQ40 with. The idea is to hit the 200 frost resistance minimum with the least amount of DPS loss possible.

Maximum Set – 289 Frost Resistance

Frozen Rune found inside Naxxramas | Source: Wowhead

This set plus Gift of the Wild puts me 1 point shy of the frost resistance cap. With a paladin in my party, I can remove a couple of pieces for DPS gear.

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