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Argent Tournament Guide

The Argent Tournament is a new daily quest hub for level 80 characters. It’ll open in Phase 2 of WotLK Classic, though it is later expanded in Phase 3. It offers several new rewards and reputation gains, not to mention a new bundle of daily quests for earning gold in one spot. This guide will go over getting started with the Argent Tournament, how to best earn your ranks and city reputations, and the rewards available for your efforts.

Argent Tournament Progression | Gaining Reputation With Your Cities | Argent Tournament Rewards

Argent Tournament Ranks

Four ranks are associated with the Argent Tournament: Aspirant, Valiant, Champion, and Crusader. Each unlocks new levels of daily quests and, eventually, rewards.

Getting Started with the Argent Tournament – Aspirant to Valiant

Everyone starts as Aspirant and it takes three days to move up to Valiant.

In Dalaran head to Krasus’ Landing, where the flight master is located. You’ll find a new NPC, Jean Pierre Poulain. Speak with him and he’ll fly you out to the Argent Tournament. Once there you can pick up the flight point. Then head to the large tent on the west side of the Argent Tournament Grounds.

Jean Pierre Poulain, near the flight master in Dalaran, will give you a free ride to the Argent Tournament. The easiest way to get there your first time.

Justicar Mariel Trueheart will give you The Argent Tournament (Alliance | Horde). Follow it and complete the three mastery quests which follow.

The Argent Pavilion, where you’ll start your Argent Tournament questing. Located at the western end of the grounds.

Once you get Up To The Challenge (Alliance | Horde) you’ll start to earn Aspirant’s Seals by completing Aspirant daily quests. You’ll have access to three Aspirant daily quests each day, which award a total of five Aspirant’s Seals. So it will take three days to earn the 15 seals needed to advance to Valiant.

Aspirant Daily Quests

Ranking Up To Valiant

Once Up To the Challenge has been completed you’ll receive a Valiant quest for your character’s race. Head to your faction’s tent on the east side of the Argent Tournament Grounds to begin the Valiant chain.

Earning Champion Standing with the Argent Tournament – Valiant to Champion

After turning in your race’s Valiant quest you’ll receive The Valiant’s Charge. You’ll need to collect and turn in 25 Valiant’s Seals to complete it and become a Champion for your racial city. You earn seals by completing Valiant daily quests. You’ll have access to four Valiant daily quests each day, which award a total of five Valiant’s Seals. So it will take five days to earn enough seals to advance to become a Champion for your specific racial faction.

You can only be a Valiant for one city at a time. So to earn Champion status with all five faction cities will take 25 days.

The Silver Covenant and Sunreaver Pavilions, where all Alliance and Horde players will receive their Valliant daily quests and can shop with the various city quartermasters.

Valiant Daily Quests

Ranking Up To Champion

Once you complete The Valiant’s Challenge you’ll get the quest A Champion Rises (Alliance | Horde) and will become a Champion for your racial faction. This opens up both new Champion daily quests and the ability to repeat the Valiant to Champion progress for one of the other city reputations.

Champion Daily Quests

Once you’ve earned Champion standing with any one city reputation you can access all Champion daily quests. These will award you with Silver Covenant/Sunreavers reputation, Argent Crusade reputation (everyone but death knights), Ebon Hold reputation (death knights only), and Champion’s Seals. These will help you progress toward the Crusader title and open up new daily quests and rewards come Phase 3.

The death knight only hub for Champion daily quests. Death knights earn rep with the Ebon Blade rather than the Argent Crusade like everyone else.

Champion Daily Quests

Each of these daily quests will award you a Champion’s Seal as well as the choice between a Champion’s Writ or Purse.

The Champion’s Writ can be turned in for a 250 rep token for one of your faction’s cities, allowing for up to 1000 rep per day. The writ is sold to the faction’s quartermaster. It must be either your racial faction or a faction you’ve earned Champion status with.

The Champion’s Purse contains 10 gold and an extra Champion’s Seal.

I recommend going for the purse every time. There are other ways to earn rep with your faction’s cities, but there are only so many Champion’s Seals you can earn per day.

Crusader of the Argent Tournament – Phase 2

The Crusader title is awarded for completing the achievement: Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance/Horde. During Phase 2 the only perk of this achievement is the title. But in WotLK Classic Phase 3 it will unlock Argent Tournament daily quests which award Champion’s Seals. And grant you access to new Argent Tournament awards, including the new heirloom gear.

Earning the Crusader title should be one of your end goals for participating in the Argent Tournament during Phase 2. You should also gain exalted status with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers, which will have their own daily quests and rewards come Phase 3.

The Ring of Champions, where the upper-level jousting occurs at the Argent Tournament.

During Phase 2 and without either Crusader or Silver Covenant/Sunreavers exalted status you can only earn up to 9 Champion’s Seals per day.

During Phase 3 with both Crusader and Silver Covenant/Sunreavers dailies unlocked you can earn up to 14 Champion’s Seals.

Crusader of the Argent Tournament – Phase 3

Starting in WotLK Classic Phase 3 (Trial of the Crusader is released) having the Crusader title will give you access to new daily quests for more Champion’s Seals. And you’ll spend those seals on new awards, including heirloom gear. Gaining the Crusader title should have also earned you exalted status with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers. That will be required for some of the new daily quests and rewards found during Phase 3.

Crusader Daily Quests

High Crusader Adelard offers one of these each day:

Crusader Silverdawn offers one of these each day:

If the Kraken dies from several players doing Get Kraken then everyone who did damage will get a Kraken Tooth in their inventory. This gives you a bonus daily quest to turn in.

Silver Covenant/Sunreavers Daily Quests

Savinia Loresong (Alliance) or Tylos Dawnrunner (Horde) offers one of these each day:

Narasi Snowdawn (Alliance) or Girana the Blooded (Horde) offers one of these each day:

And always offers You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul (Alliance | Horde).

Gaining Reputation With Your Faction’s Cities

In addition to earning Champion status with all five city reputations under your faction, you must also earn an exalted reputation level with all five cities to earn the Crusader title. This can be done before, during, or after earning Champion status. But should be completed before WotLK Classic Phase 3 is released, allowing you full access to new daily quests and rewards.

The Argent Tournament Grounds map from Blizzard’s original Argent Tournament guide.

Reputation from the Argent Tournament

Going through the Argent Tournament starting quests, enough Valiant dailies to earn Champion status with each city, and completing the Black Knight side quest chain you will earn 11,250 rep (12,375 for humans) with each capital city. If you are 9750+ revered (8625+ revered for humans) before you start the Argent Tournament then you will not need to do anything else to earn rep with that particular city.

Doing the Valiant dailies will earn you 1000 rep for the city you are a Valiant with, plus 248 rep with the other four cities. Once you complete and turn in The Valiant’s Challenge for a particular city you will be locked out of their Valiant dailies forever. So if you need significantly more rep for a particular city it is worth considering delaying your progression to Champion to take advantage of the daily rep earnings.

The four Champion dailies offer a Champion’s Writ as a reward option. You can turn in a writ with a specific city and earn 250 rep with them, so up to 1000 rep per day choosing the writ over the purse. If you have other means to gain rep I do not recommend this approach, as the purse contains an extra Champion’s Seal which you’ll find more valuable later on.

Reputation from Starter Zones

If your character only played in their own race’s starter zone then you can visit the other two starter zones for your faction and earn some easy reputation. This is a great option for death knights who didn’t play in any start Alliance/Horde-based starter zones.

Turn on Low-Level Quests under the magnifying glass icon on the minimap. This will enable you to see quest-givers in these zones.

Head to the starter zone and run through all the quests available. You can continue to quest in the following zone for more reputation gains, though it’ll be a bit slower. After that, you’ll need to hunt down specific zones and quests offering the reputation you need. Generally not a worthwhile endeavor with the Runecloth donation option available.

Reputation from Runecloth

You can donate Runecloth to any of your faction’s capital cities as much reputation as you need. The donation NPCs are located in or near the city’s tailoring shop.

You’ll need to have donated 60 Wool Cloth, 60 Silk Cloth, 60 Mageweave Cloth, and the initial 60 Runecltoh to unlock the repeatable Runecloth donation. If you need to do those don’t fret, they award 350 rep each.

The repeatable Additional Runecloth quest will award 75 rep for 20 Runecloth. Runecloth costs around 10-20 silver, depending on your realm. You can calculate how much Runecloth you’ll need (including the 11,250 rep from the Argent Tournament) and how much it’ll cost you. If you are tempted to farm Runecloth I recommend doing WotLK Classic dailies instead and spending the gold on cloth. You’ll be able to buy 6-7 stacks of Runecloth per daily quest completed. A much faster approach than running old-world dungeons for less cloth per run.

Argent Tournament Rewards – Phase 2

Roughly half of the rewards from the Argent Tournament will be made available in Phase 2. The rest, including heirlooms, won’t arrive until Phase 3. But you can save Champion’s Seals for the later rewards once done with the current ones.

Champion Collectables

Sold by the specific faction’s quartermaster.

*The gold & Champion’s Seals mounts require you to be of the same race or to be exalted with the race, in addition to having Champion status. The gold price listed includes the exalted discount.

Champion Weapons & Armor

Sold by all faction quartermasters. These are ilvl 200 epic and rare items, equivalent to loot from heroic dungeons or early Naxx 10. It was made to be catch-up gear for alts and new players. It will be of little to no interest for Phase 1 raid mains.

Item - AllianceItem - HordeTypeChampion's Seals
Dagger of the Rising MoonSpinal DestroyerDagger - Physical25
Ironforge SmasherGrimhorn CrusherOne-Handed Mace - Physical25
Claymore of the ProphetGreatsword of the Sin'doreiTwo-Handed Sword25
Silvery Sylvan StaveStaff of Feral FuriesStaff - Physical25
Dagger of Lunar PurityScalpel of the Royal ApothecaryDagger - Caster25
Gnomeregan BonechopperBlade of the Keening BansheeOne-Handed Sword - Caster25
Blunderbuss of Khaz ModanSen'jin Beakblade LongrifleGun25
Teldrassil ProtectorAxe of the Sen'jin ProtectorOne-Handed Axe - Tank25
Choker of Spiral FocusNecklace of Stolen SkullsNeck - Caster (Hit)10
Necklace of Valiant BloodPendant of Emerald Crusader Neck - Caster (Spirit)10
Pendant of Azure DreamsRazor's Edge PendantNeck - Physical (Strength)10
Susurrating Shell NecklaceChoker of Feral FuryNeck - Physical (Agility)10
Sash of Shattering HeartsSash of Trumpeted PrideCloth Waist - Caster10
Wrap of the Everliving TreeWaistguard of Equine FuryLeather Waist - Caster10
Treads of Nimble EvasionTreads of the Earnest SquireLeather Feet - Physical10
Cinch of Bonded ServitudeLinks of Unquenched SavageryMail Waist - Physical10
Treads of the Glorious SpiritTreads of Whispering DreamsMail Feet - Caster10
Gauntlets of Shattered PrideGauntlets of Mending TouchPlate Hands - Caster10
Girdle of Valorous DefeatClinch of Savage FuryPlate Waist - Physical10
Stanchions of Unseatable FurorBlood-Caked StompersPlate Feet - Tank10
Jouster's FuryJouster's FuryTrinket - PvP10

Argent Tournament Rewards – Phase 3

All Argent Tournament rewards are unlocked in WotLK Classic Phase 3 (Trial of the Crusader is released). If you bought everything you wanted back in Phase 2 you can use any saved-up Champion’s Seal for new mounts, pets, decorative items, and heirlooms.

Crusader Collectables

Sold by Dame Evniki Kapsalis. You’ll find her in the Argent Pavilion (a large tent on the west side of the grounds).

Argent WarhorseFast Ground Mount100 Champion's Seals
Argent ChargerFast Ground Mount - Paladins Only100 Champion's Seals
Argent Pony BridleApplies a mount to your Argent Squire, enabling it to run to the shop, mailbox, or bank for you every 4 hours150 Champion's Seals
Argent Crusader's TabardTabard - Teleports you to the Argent Tournament Grounds50 Champion's Seals
Argent Crusader's BannerBanner15 Champion's Seals

Crusader Heirlooms

Sold by Dame Evniki Kapsalis. You’ll find her in the Argent Pavilion (a large tent on the west side of the grounds). All of these heirlooms have also been available since Phase 1 for Emblems of Heroism. But in most cases, you are better served spending Champion’s Seals on heirlooms rather than Emblems of Heroism.

Heirloom Armor (PvE)
Tattered Dreadmist MantleStained Shadowcraft Spaulders

Physical DPS
Champion Herod's Shoulder

Physical DPS
Polished Spaulders of Valor60 Champion's SealsSwift Hand of Justice

Restores health
75 Champion's Seals
Tattered Dreadmist RobeStained Shadowcraft Tunic

Physical DPS
Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate

Physical DPS
Polished Breastplate of Valor60 Champion's SealsDiscerning Eye of the Beast

Restores mana
75 Champion's Seals
Preened Ironfeather Shoulders

Mystical Pauldrons of Elements

60 Champion's Seals
Preened Ironfeather Breastplate

Mystical Vest of Elements

60 Champion's Seals
Heirloom Weapons (PvE)
Balanced Heartseeker

60 Champion's SealsBloodied Arcanite Reaper

Strength Axe
95 Champion's SealsCharmed Ancient Bone Bow95 Champion's Seals
Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge

60 Champion's SealsRepurposed Lava Dredger

Agility/Feral Druid Mace
95 Champion's Seals
Venerable Mass of McGowan

75 Champion's SealsDignified Headmaster's Charge

95 Champion's Seals
Devout Aurastone Hammer

Caster/Healer Mace
75 Champion's Seals

Silver Covenant/Sunreavers Collectables

Sold by the Silver Covenant (Alliance) and Sunreaver (Horde) quartermasters.

Silver Covenant HippogryphFast Flying Mount - Alliance150 Champion's Seals
Sunreaver DragonhawkFast Flying Mount - Horde150 Champion's Seals
Quel'dorei SteedFast Ground Mount - Alliance100 Champion's Seals
Sunreaver HawkstriderFast Ground Mount - Horde100 Champion's Seals
Shimmering WyrmlingPet - Both Factions40 Champion's Seals
Silver Covenant TabardTabard - Alliance50 Champion's Seals
Sunreaver TabardTabard - Horde50 Champion's Seals

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