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About Bitt’s Guides

Bitt’s Guides started as some Google Docs to help my WoW Classic guild prepare for upcoming raids. It has grown to this community-wide website, dedicated to providing guides and insights for current and future WoW and TBC Classic content.

This site and its content are aimed at less than hardcore players and guilds. Plenty of guides out there will tell you about “the best,” which is usually also the sweatiest and most min/max. I take a more pragmatic approach which works for a larger chunk of players. How to succeed in the content without removing all the fun to be perfectly optimal.

My WoW Classic Experience

I play as Bitt (rogue) and Bittzy (shaman) on Pagle-Alliance (US) and am a proud member of Our Legacy.

My Guilds

I’m a newer member of Our Legacy, where some of my former vanilla guildmates found a home in vanilla. I feel lucky to have been able to join them during the final phase of WoW Classic and am enjoying progression in Naxxramas with them.

My former guild through most of WoW Classic was Onyxia’s Bakery. It fell between a dad guild and hardcore. Our rules, requirements, and culture mirror that of most dad guilds. But we had great success through most of WoW Classic.

Unfortunately, issues among some of the officers (before my time as a senior officer) and player attrition during Phase 5 and 6 cost us too many raid veterans to continue progression in Naxxramas. Still, it was a great ride while it lasted.

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